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    Dubois v Joyce Score cards here. I had Joyce ahead, at least a round, before stoppage if I was scoring the fight. The younger Dubois was the far more marketable...
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    Dubois v Joyce

    Well done big Joe. Didn't budge when hit and just kept jabbing away. I actually believed the hype of dubois but stuck £20 on Joyce as was very good odds for a two horse race. You have to admire the big man. Hard as nails.
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    No doubt glenclova your post will go down very well on here but I for one disagree. I'll sit and enjoy my Christmas dinner knowing that children in Africa who would otherwise go hungry will have something to eat. This money isn't handed over to governments. It is invested in charities that...
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    Maradona dead

    RIP Maradona. An absolute superstar. Came from nothing but his talent was immense. Nothing flawed about him but very human. Thanks for the memories.
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    How long?

    Hen fish take a lot longer to colour up than cock fish. I remembered reading about fish ascending one river then dropping back down to the tide and running another river to spawn so they can be interesting creatures. Salmon are incredible in that many are catchable in quite small windows and out...
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    How long?

    July 4th ?.
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    Time for change. Independence for Scotland ?

    Now now GERS ha. Aye absolute nonsense data in relation to an independence vote designed to make everywhere bar the south east seen as a drain on London. Expenditure, well we wouldn't be spending it on a nuclear detergent anyway ha. Anyway I don't read random blogs or debate politics on a salmon...
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    Time for change. Independence for Scotland ?

    Ha extremist indeed. Keep reading the polls rogue ?. Never has a country been better prepared for going a different path. Anyway as I said inevitable.
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    Time for change. Independence for Scotland ?

    As I've said before Scottish independence is coming sooner rather than later. Well ahead in all polls which is why all the old scare stories are getting wheeled out by the usual right wing extremists. The younger folk want it and as time goes by the support is getting stronger and stronger. I...
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    Rugby ban ... what a joke

    Horrific tackle. Punishment far too lenient I agree.
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    Fish farming disaster again. Another example why this rancid industry must be shut down. Who knows what system these fish will end up in. 70000+ 4lb mutants now free to roam...
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    What great weather we've had lately. Just ran up to the top of a wee hill from the house there for the setting sun. The light makes it look warm. -7c last night and was 0c when the photo was taken a couple of hours ago. The 13 mile hill run keeps you more than warm :). Out for a friend's...
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    Where was I today.

    Yes rs2ford it's a great place to kill time. Photo from this summer before being treated to a great evening with the Vatersay boys playing in the community hall at the beach. A little Barra hill Loch brownie. Roll on spring :D.
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    Where was I today.

    Very well done Keirstream. It's Gigha indeed. Sitting on the twin beaches. Fantastic place. Water was fresh for swimming and the fishing was average. Plenty of deep water but only very small cod for me. An amazing little island to explore though.
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Got an Aberdeen Angus roasting joint with a bottle of red in the slow cooker early on. Kids to school, IKEA shop complete. Supposed to be building that nonsense but too nice a day for that. So decided on a 10 mile run from the house to clear the lungs. Wife will be delighted when in from work:D...