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    Guideline LPXE 12ft 6in 8/9 SOLD

    If still available, I am very interested but live in the states and would guess the postage would be extreme. Would you have an idea on that? thanks.
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    Snapped hooks

    For me it happens when I'm fishing a bit close to a rocky shore with a longer line. I know my anchor slips a bit and the hook taps a rock just right and then it breaks. Is very frustrating and you wonder how long you been fishing with a broken hook.
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    take it lying down my fawlty

    Personally, because black lives do matter, I do not support Black Lives Matter.
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    cats be gone

    If they are feral cats a live catch box trap will let you move them to a new location, or do something with them. If they are neighbor's cats it's more of a problem and without a dog roaming around that will give chase it will be a difficult thing. They come round our place at night, but they...
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    Powerlite Speycaster 15’ 7-9

    ibm-- Can‘t see any mention of it on their website I have cast the 16' 8/9 Powerlite and it is a definite line size down from my 16' 9/10. If you inquire they would provide details. Some of these rods have made their way to North...
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    Powerlite Speycaster 15’ 7-9

    If you like the B&W action, they are now making an 8/9 Powerlite that may be worthy of consideration. Want to add that the 16' 8/9 Powerlite I cast was definitely a line size down from the 9/10 16' Powerlite, which I own.
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    Powerlite Speycaster 15’ 7-9

    From what I have observed, the 8/9 and the 9/10 lines are used on this rod. I know the 9/10 Gaelforce 63 is popular and also the Nextcast 8/9 FF70. I would guess the Boss 8/9 would also be a great line on this rod.
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    take it lying down my fawlty

    Criticizing a black person doesn’t make you racist. Criticizing a woman doesn’t make you sexist. Criticizing a Jewish person doesn’t make you anti-Semitic Criticizing a gay person doesn’t make you a homophobe But, there are many out there that think so and may take you to court over it. So we...
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    Food standards

    The move in the US years ago was to get better labeling, specially for GMO products. The big food corps lobby was so powerful it stopped more labeling despite polls and referendums showing the vast majority of the public wanted it. Even the GMO salmon (frankenfish) does not require labeling in...
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    Simms wading boots. To treat or not?

    I've never bothered over the years, but could prevent threads from wearing and fraying and later coming apart. The first thing to wear out on mine is always the felt soles so never saw a reason to treat the rest of the boot.
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    Clan Rods 17" #7/8

    I very much enjoyed reading Mr. Jamesion's thoughts on rods. Nice to hear from the "old school" thinkers. Have always had a place in the back of my mind to try one of his rods. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity.
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    Farlow V Hardy in the Perfect competition

    Very interesting and am sure there is much to the rivalry that most of us know nothing about.
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    How to separate stuck rod sections

    When pulling with a gripping surface of some kind does not work I use hot or cold. In the winter I have a thermos of hot tea or coffee and pour that over the joint and it has always worked. In the summer I have poured ice water from a cooler over it and that has worked. Most problems for me...
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    Gaelforce Equalizer Spey Lines

    They are good lines for sure. I have one and cast several. Not going to say they are the best lines available. What is best depends on you, your style, and your rod. It is the best for some but not for others. Lots of great choices these days to choose from. You won't go wrong with a...
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    LPXe--RARE opportunity for someone

    On Ebay in the States. Guideline LPXe 14' 9/10 Weight 3 piece Spey Rod, Good Shape! | eBay now if I could only find a 12'6" :lol::lol: