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    15ft rods

    90% of my fishing is with a 16'er or a 12'6", got rid of most of my in between rods. What ever brings you the most joy out of the fishing experience I say!
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    Vaccine is here but why us?

    There are many preventative measures that have been affective, but don't say it where big pharma can hear you. They will make billions on this. Mainstream news is paid for by pharma, so you won't hear much from them. Here is testimony from a recent hearing___ (66) "I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS"...
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    Caption Competition

    I hate it when we play Norway.
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    Trump and Trouble. ?

    Trump was right-----
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    Trump and Trouble. ?

    Trump will win but not for reasons you'll never see in mainstream news media. The people love him for a reason. The majority of Americans do not want socialism, do not want their individual rights restricted--and that includes owning a gun and not being banned on social media platforms for...
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    Norway Speycasters

    the later version--MK2 I think, might garner a few extra coins. Still good rods I have an older one I use at times. Good luck and condolences on your loss. Good pals are hard to come by these days.
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    16' rod

    As a lover of the 16'ers I use them whenever the river is big enough, and if possible I only got to the big rivers . ;) My preference has been to use the longest rod I can get away with as there are advantages. The longer rods are not so hard on the body if you have good form. Struggling with...
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    So, we go out for Halibut but caught this instead.

    Very tasty indeed! Enjoy!
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    Amnesia for running line

    I used alot of the expensive ones over the years and liked them, but a few years back switched to Catfish Stren for my long lines and it is quite acceptable. Not as good as the Varivas, good enough for the price. For some reason I never tried Amnesia. Maybe I'll give it a go soon.
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    Big ole Double digit Henfish

    Beautiful fish!
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    Recommend me a cheap 12 to 13ft

    Another option would be to buy a second hand higher end rod. Might take a bit of work and patience though. Good luck.
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    Guideline LPXE 12ft 6in 8/9 SOLD

    If still available, I am very interested but live in the states and would guess the postage would be extreme. Would you have an idea on that? thanks.
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    Snapped hooks

    For me it happens when I'm fishing a bit close to a rocky shore with a longer line. I know my anchor slips a bit and the hook taps a rock just right and then it breaks. Is very frustrating and you wonder how long you been fishing with a broken hook.
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    take it lying down my fawlty

    Personally, because black lives do matter, I do not support Black Lives Matter.
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    cats be gone

    If they are feral cats a live catch box trap will let you move them to a new location, or do something with them. If they are neighbor's cats it's more of a problem and without a dog roaming around that will give chase it will be a difficult thing. They come round our place at night, but they...