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    Does Boris have covid-induced brain damage, I wonder?

    Well it wont be one of the opposition thankfully.
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    Other Species Caught.

    Coarse fishing a few years ago a duck went down on my ground bait and hooked itself. After 15 minutes I managed to pull it into a reed bed and my mate was trying to reach it when it bobed in the water and froze. One more bob and then it disappeared probably taken by a Pike. Didn't manage to get...
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    Its Madness !!

    Frost last night and +6c at 11.00am with a predicted high of +7c. Still got one rose bud which I'll cut and put in a jar on the table to impress the lady.
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    The Ghillies story TV series

    Just watch it on I player and a pleasure. At about 16 minutes in reminded me of the need for midge nets.
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    Plans for Next Year

    Will be rejoining my local club as I'm treasurer and also rejoining CADAC for next season. Dont have any UK trips booked for next year yet but may pick up bookings from pre pandemic. Hopefully if nothing unforseen happens I will be going to Norway in June for a week on the Orkla that was booked...
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    The coroners report does say that it was a very rare condition. This gives an up to date report comparing both types of record.
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    A nurse writing out death certificates?
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    My daughter hears that every day. As westie4566 says, and I agree, why wait till next April.
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    Thats not how it works. Heath workers are checked twice a week. Worker B, double jabbed, would also have to go into isolation. If you look at the hospital intake around 90% of new admissions have not had one or both of the vaccines putting hospital staff at risk of infection and costing the NHS...
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    Correct it is a personal choice but those choices have a consequence.
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    I know someone who got run over by a bus but it does not stop me using public transport when needed as the benefits outweigh the risks. As you say its a personal choice but so are the consequences of that choice.
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    Care home vaccine refusers.

    So if a nurse or doctor want to work in a operating thearte they HAVE to be vaccinated for Hepatitas B. So if the rule or law says that staff have to have had the Covid19 vaccine why are there staff unwilling to have the Vaccine. Goes with the job surely. I think, IMHO, that anybody working in...
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    Post Brexit sales from UK to eu.

    Bought a Guideline travel bag from Eire as it was £20 cheaper than UK. Bag was posted via DHL and delivered 4 days after purchase. No extra charges so if the Irish are charging duty then they are making a few bob. So who is suffering from Brexit. Not me.
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    Electric cars not as great as we are lead to believe

    Didn't see many electric cars in the 20+ cars transporting Biden to Cop26 after he got off his private plane. Hypocrisy.
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    Salmon Fly Rod(s) owned of yesterday

    My first rod was a tank aerial bought from the Army and Navy store with all the bits to make a rod from the local tackle shop. Fished it on my local canal for about 8 years. My first rod for trout was a borrowed David Norwich and later I purchased a Hardy 10ft 7# Ultralight Plus which was so...