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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    Thanks for the replies. It is as expected a waste of time getting authorities involved . Last year there were two pairs and a shared brood of about 16 . So now we have cormorant’s , up to 15 in one tree last Autumn, hitting the spawning run and the goosanders taking anything that is produced...
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    These were on our river yesterday. As far as I know they are an invasive species as we never used to have them . If they can be called an invasive species ,which authority should be notified .
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    Maxcatch Spey rod

    It will be just the job for Iceland.
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    Maxcatch Spey rod

    On Kimbo‘s advice I obtained one of the max catch salmon rods . I must say I was very impressed. Aside from the blue whippings , not really my colour , I thought it was really very good . I only tested it on grass with two friends and we were all impressed. Some casts reached the Wow factor...
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    Lions in SA

    ” Iron Mike” , player of the Australian tour . For me a scrum half’s primary function is to give the fly half as much time and space as possible and that means a good pass . Edwards had it all as a player and a passer , dive spin passes both ways included . He was” amateur “ , so why can’t the...
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    Lions in SA

    My two fly half’s would be Biggar and Russell with Farrell maybe going as a fly half/ Center. Certain elements of Biggars character irritate the hell out of me but his playing is top notch . Russell is a game changer and must be in the match day 23 at least . Too many question marks over the...
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    Love the ostrich. What’s the under wing ? GP?
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    Lions in SA

    I was there when Dawes and Pullin were involved in “ the try” , ” what a score”. Both sadly passed away . The camera man didn’t get the full Dawes dummy but luckily we had Cliff Morgan to describe it .
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    Copper and Orange

    The straggle works well in this tying.
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    Alisa's Purple Elver

    Nice blend of colours . Looks good for a sea trout or two as well as a salmon.
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    Larimers reverse marabou tube

    Really very nice . Great colour combo.
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    Silver wilky

    Lovely looking creation . Lots of things going on to appeal to a salmon .
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    Shiny, Blingy, New n Blue.

    Guideline Vosso on sale for half price at JN . Dark azure is a blue very similar to the Hardy Gem . Guideline reel to match your Guideline rod.
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    Another small double

    Dunkeld sort of colours . Head could have been smaller but couldn’t find my spool of red sheer.
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    A handful of wee cone head tubes

    What a great selection, all likely to catch a fish . Certainly ones to copy .