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    Wade's Arctic Shrimp

    Hi Folks, Like the last few posts I have thrown up this morning I have been busy scheduling videos for my you tube channel. I was asked recently via Facebook to tie an Arctic Shrimp. So what I have done is taken a pattern that was devised from the late Paul Wade. Paul devised a range of arctic...
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    Thurso Dog (Variant)

    Hi Folks, Been missing around with some materials and patterns over the last few days and one fly I was asked to tie for my you tube channel was the Thurso Dog. I didn't have all the correct materials to tie the fly so i tried to stick with the same colour combination of the original fly...
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    Moc's Beauty (Variant)

    Hi Folks, I was asked recently via my you tube channel tie a few sea-trout patterns and a fly that needs no introduction among sea-trout anglers is Moc's Beauty. I have tied it here as a variant.
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    Posh Tosh Variant

    Hi Folks, Been tying up some flies for my you tube channel over the last few days or so and one fly I love to tie is this variant of the posh tosh not that the fly needs a variant. The wing is Finn raccoon a great mobile fibre if you haven't use it before.
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    Lough style Fly

    Hi Folks, Tying some flies over the last few weeks for my you tube channel and came up with this bright wee fly. Just a bit of fun but might work when the trout and on daphnia
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    Janssons Variant

    Hi Saint Andrews, I am delighted you like the pattern. Tie a few up and hopefully it will catch you a lovely big salmon. Kind Regards, Scott
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    Janssons Variant

    Hi Dick, I have had great feedback from Par Janssons on facebook he tied the original. It was in the Trout & Salmon back in 1995. Give it a go you never know your luck. Kind Regards, Scott
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    Janssons Variant

    Hi Folks, Just something a wee bit different that i was asked to tie up recently. Give it a go and you never know it may catch you a few fish.
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    Variant of the Editor Fly

    Tying a variant of the Editor Fly. Created by Mr Sandy Leverton former editor of Trout and Salmon Fishing Magazine the "Editor" Salmon Fly is an excellent choice over the summer months and periods of low water. This pattern is also a firm favourite for tempting Sea Trout.
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    Red Shrimp fly

    Hi Folks, I would like to share this wee pattern with you. I've done well with this fly over the years on the Rivers Derg & Owenkillew might be worthwhile tying a few up for the season ahead.
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    Junction Shrimp Variant

    Hi Folks, Not that the Junction shrimp needs a variant but just thought i'd share in case you would like to tie a few up.
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    Tippet Shrimp in the Irish style

    Hi Folks, A wee fly you guys might like to tie up for the season head. Give it a go 🎣 🎣 🎣
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    Muddled CDC Dabbler

    Lovely 🎣 🎣 🎣
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    Tying a Jointed Mayfly

    Heading away today to my holiday home in the most beautiful Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland so another fly to hopefully get you in the mood to do a bit of tying. Tying a Jointed Mayfly, this fly was in answer to the red ribbed may as detailed in the Irish Mayfly book.
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    Tying Stan's Pearly Mayfly Variant

    Tying Stan's Pearly Mayfly Variant. I have detailed the original dressing below: Tail- Cock Pheasant Fibres Tag- Mother-of-Pearl lurex, fine Body- Natural Raffia Rib- Mother-of- Pearl lurex, fine Hackle- White cock hackle- Not Palmered Wing- Bronze mallard wing- small Front Hackle- Natural...