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    Danielsson phone number

    0046 24076210
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    Lopping cherry tree.

    We have wonderful blossom this year on our ornamental cherry and for the first time in many years it hasn't been destroyed by early May gales, which always seem to arrive when the blossom is at its fullest.
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    Kola 2021?

    Have rolled over my early ASR week
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    Football Super League ?

    One of the remaining pleasures of football in the big money game was seeing small nursery clubs like Ajax play in the Champions League & give Real Madrid a stylish hiding in the Bernabeu a few seasons ago. That won't happen in the proposed Super league. I wonder if we're heading for a...
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    Confused by tail lengths?

    So am I. I know there's another thread on Frodin, but what he says here about fly sizes seems to make sense to me There are two main points. Size based on overall length of the fly, and the positioning of the hook. He prefers the hook to be positioned in the middle of the fly length, for...
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    First swallow

    Saw my first House Martin here in north Dublin yesterday
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    Me too. Since the lockdown I've gone back to fly tying & spent insane amounts of money on materials (& fishing gear). Look forward to be out fishing again as it'll be cheaper.
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    There's no doubt that Frodin is a master salmon fisherman. I fished in a group including him ( BTW I don't know him) on an early week on a Kola river in horrible high water conditions & he caught half the weeks total. So no doubt about his skills. His ideas on salmon flies are also persuasive...
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    Kola 2021?

    Yokanga as well, presumably?
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    How to Carry Scandinavian Patterns

    I use the Snowbee wallet for large patterns & I find it very useful. I used boxes before but the wallet is more compact & carries more. Mind you, the flies are mostly my own tyings & so probably look better after being roughed up.I found the pictured smaller wallet, roughly 6"x4" in GAC and its...
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    Hardy Rocket Scandi Heads

    I use the 7/8 31g for my Cross ST 12'2" ; lovely combination. The various body/tip options cast extremely well.
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    Anyone still fish salmon single flys

    I used the Korda hooks for sea trout fishing in Patagonia. The Mixa & Wide Gape for tubes, and Wide gape in 10 and 12 for small nymphs. Great hookers, super strong and rarely had a hook slip. Nymphs tied on regular fly hooks in smaller sizes were hopeless for bigger fish. I'd bought some Korda...
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    Kola 2021?

    Reuters is reporting this: Russia has administered at least 8,413,713 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 2.9% of the country’s population. During the last week reported, Russia averaged about 106,795 doses administered...
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    Kola 2021?

    Same with me. I had some hopes at beginning of the year, but with another Covid wave building in Europe, it seems any chance has gone. BTW Russia is closed to anyone but a very restricted list of travellers & can't see that changing soon.
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    Happy St Patrick's day

    I caught my first salmon on Paddy's day. Good luck to all on the river today, wherever it is. It's a day for a bit of fun here, even in these dour times. Here's a flavour from today's Irish Times: Hiberno English is like English, only better. This guide will help you not make a bags of it...