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    Holographic Red Willie Gunn SBS

    here is as step by step for my take on the red willie gunn. Start by placing a copper slipstream tube in the vice. using a fine red thread (14/0 used here) leave a gap where your head will be, and run the thread down to the rear of the tube, ready to tie in the tag. Take a length of...
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    Lethal Autumn tube SBS

    I've not posted anything in ages, I've been kept busy since the birth of my son 6 months ago, but tonight I finally got around to knocking up a quick and simple step by step for what is fast becoming my favorite autumn tube. Start by placing a copper tube into a tube vice (1 1/4 inch tube used...
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    Green butt silver WG shrimp

    Tied on a size 14 ed silver treble. Hope you like it. Dave.
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    BJA Tyne Terror

    Or,.... the BJA... for short. I was asked by Big John Aisbitt, to tie a fly for him for fishing the Tyne, Now it wasn't just any fly he was after, it was a mixture of his 2 favourite Tyne flees. The Ghillie and the Toucan. So after as little pondering at the vice, and a few flies I was far...
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    The Ghillie

    My tying of Mr Tony Blacks deadly ghillie. hope you like it. Dave.
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    Garry Boy

    hope you like it. Dave.
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    Magma Flow

    Was tying some flies for a pal fishing the spey in a few weeks, and came up with these. magma flow size 8 double Magma Flow Conehead I'll Try and knock up a Step by step tonight or tomorrow. Hope you like them. Dave.
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    Mobile ally's shrimp

    here is the tying of the ally's shrimp that I fish these days, essentially the same as the original pattern but I have substituted the bucktail for arctic runner and the grey squirrel for marble fox. I tie it with no flash, as the swimming action more than compensates for the lack of flash in...
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    Ness c mobile shrimp

    here is a mobile variation of the ness C I tied earlier today. Dressing: tail : Blended orange/yellow, and purple arctic runner tag silver oval tinsel rear body: purple glo brite front body pearl mylar over purple glo brite rib silver wire hackles fluo yellow hen and orange hen head red glo...
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    A couple of size 13's

    I have been tying loads of big spring flees for myself and for pals of late, so thought I'd have a nice wee change of tying in preparation for the warmer months. tied on size 13 salar doubles.. needles to say the heads are a bit rough, after months of tying 2 inch tubes, and size 2 doubles...
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    Box suggestion

    Guys I'm looking for some inspiration. I am tying a presentation box of trout flies for a friend who is retiring, and I am looking for the right box for the job. Must be wooden ,.. Nice Finnish not cheap rubbish, and have a capacity for up to around 1000 flies. Suggestions please?? The...
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    Parkie with a splash basic sbs

    Here is a basic SBS tying instruction for my parkie with a splash. I say basic, because I am not going into any of the techniques used as such, more of a sbs for materials required. First start of by using a white thread (14/0 griffiths used here) and start your thread at the last point you...
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    Parkie with a splash

    Another Parkie variant, this time with a wee splash of something added. hope you like it. For the full recipie have a look in the SBS section All the best. Dave.
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    My First Tay Springer

    After a few seasons desperately trying for a Fly caught Tay Springer, I finally managed to break the duck today. Fishing on the Islamouth Beat, I started the day from the boat, using a floater/hover/int tip setup, Nothing was touched in the first few pools, so I changed over to a faster tip, and...
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    Ness C Flamethrower

    tied on an extra strong size 4 loop double hope you like it. Dave.