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    New Simms

    Settled , Zip it is so , thanks folks 😊
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    New Simms

    Time for new waders , looking at Simms G4s or G4Z , anyone with the Zs , does the zip eventually leak ?
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    Hardy Zane no 1 wanted .

    Anyone a no1 zane gathering dust ?
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    Size 14 doubles

    5 times in the last 24hrs ?
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    Size 14 doubles

    Recommendations please , as I’m going to smelt all the size 15 Salars I own for scrap ! Heavy iron preferably .
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    Which Switch ?

    Guys ,buying my first switch rod ,to use as a mini Spey rod ,I tried a friends Guideline Laxa outfit last week ,lovely but a little on the soft side ,was recommended the LPXE V3 ,by my local tackle dealer ,any of ye fish that rod. Anything else I should consider ? Andy
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    Where to stay Deeside (Banchory area)

    Just about to book 4 days around Banchory ,first week of April . Recommend me some lodgings ,decent bar/grub a must :) Cheers, Andy
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    3 or 4 days in early April

    Where to lads ,what are the best beats for that time of the year ,no budget in mind . Cheers Andy
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    3 or 4 days in Scotland in April ....Where ?

    Right lads ,if ye had 3 or 4 days to find some good spring fishing in April ,where would ye head ,i'm totally open ,budget is healthy , as I was meant to be going to the Gaula ,but left it too late to get a decent week . The Dee obviously ''springs'' to mind ,but catch rates seem to suggest that...
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    C&R Mortality rates

    Morning men, just wondering if any of ye know of any studies undertaken on the mortality rate of C&R Salmon , Cheers, Andy .
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    C&R mortality stats

    Hi Guys , just wondering if any of ye know of any studies undertaken on C&R mortality rates for the Dee ,or any other Scottish/English rivers, Thanks, Andy
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    Rio connect core running line , views ?

    Afternoon all, in the market for a new running line ( that won't tangle much ), and was thinking about this Rio , anyone use it, and if so , how would ye rate it. Is it worth the €60 odd ? Where I'm buying it (clonanav) also has the blue guideline one , thoughts please ,cheers Arrow.
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    RESULT Willie Gunn FnS

    Ain't it just dandy when a plan comes together , 13lbs a chrome
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    Willie Gunn FnS

    Slow Monday;)
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    Seaguar Red Label

    Bought a spool of this yesterday,as the shop I was in didn't have my usuall blue ace hard that I use. Has anyone used this red label and if so ,what did ye think of it.