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    Another for the wallet

    beautiful looking fly
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    First Day of the Rest of my Life

    Pedro, I lasted 6 months before it drove me crazy, now I pick and chose what and when I do it (cash in hand) which pays for all those fishing goodies without touching the savings or pension pot. Good luck and enjoy.
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    tonight's spey

    Fantastic looking fly
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    My latest runner hairwing

    Beautiful looking fly
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    Vision Sisu

    Anyone got one of these 13' 8 or 14' 9, views thoughts etc appreciated.
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    Vision Salmon Hero 13' 7" #8 - Review

    Thank you
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    Vision Salmon Hero 13' 7" #8 - Review

    Michael did you ever review the Sisu DH range?
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    Calvin Micro Tube

    Really nice, guess you waste quite a bit of tubing doing that though but the results look great, what size FF cone is that 4mm?
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    Ghillies on nordic doubles

    Very nice
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    Micro WG

    Do you mostly use fox for these micro tubes or do you use Tanuki, have a big order coming from Mikael Frodin this week.
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    Micro WG

    Very nice looking flies, do you use the XS / Medium or just the XS
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    How Airflow lines are made

    Really liked that, do they do one on polyleaders?
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    Loop Tube Fly Boxes

    Does it have the same features as the large and would you say it's big enough for a couple of medium C & F / Loop tube fly box (180mm), tools etc?
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    Loop Tube Fly Boxes

    Going blind looking for a waist pack, don't want anything to big but hard to tell from pictures (again), anyone seen the Guideline Experience waist bag in medium? it slides away like the Fishpond.
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    Loop Tube Fly Boxes

    Sounds great, I am starting to look at waist packs (I think) don't want anything to big so maybe Patagonia or smaller Simms units?