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    So it begins

    Your flies look like they will catch fish but i just cannot convince myself that that fake JC looks right tied to a fly. Sorry buddy and no way having a dig at your excellent tyings.
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    New fishing transport for next year.......................

    As long as you are only bugging for trout in the salmon pools :)
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    Pheasant shooting curtailed

    I think the majority of shoots where local working class boys chip in and put down some birds (1000-2000) and run it more like a syndicate is a great thing and i used to love going to one locally with a friend. The shoot i used to attend was excellent and most guns got a few birds every time out...
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    South esk

    Couple of cracking looking spots there .
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    Birthday Present To Cherish

    Stunning and i bet you you cannot keep your eyes off it ? I have always wanted a picture of myself fishing one of my favourite pools done in exactly the same style as yours. By the time Spring comes there will be a bare patch in your carpet just under the picture :)
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    Wow factor!

    13ft Hardy Sintrix , Best rod i have used and results in my FX1 being left in the house for all but the biggest water.
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    splicing tape

    As above , Make sure you do not get the wide rolls as this is harder to put on and get the first turn stretched. Get the 19mm wide stuff, It is good gear and stretches and bites in to further layers of itself. Scotch 3M is one of the best brands and is priced slightly higher as it is...
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    Best months for river teith?

    Mansell you could also have a day fishing the river Lenny and permits can be taken from tackle shop in callendar , there is a pool next to an old graveyard where maybe some of your old relatives lie ? Wherever you decide to fish on the river Teith or Lenny you will enjoy it as it is one of my...
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    Best months for river teith?

    Hi Mansell Springers can be caught from opening day (Feb 1st) on the Teith but recently numbers have been well down for the spring fish catches. You could take a few days on the Council stretch in Callander itself which has a few nice pools. Regarding private beats, Managed Estates will have...
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    Anyone dealt with...

    Looks like a paint chip but if you seen my Powerlite then you would have no qualms buying that rod , my powerlite looks like it has been put through a combine harvester and i have no problems with spring heavy gear on it.
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    Willie Gun - longtail shrimp style

    ST that is tied very nice indeed and proportions just look perfect and all hackles sitting perfectly.
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    A Wee Two Eyed Willie

    Lamson you should be banned for continually posting my favourite fly and tied to a standard and style which is unavailable in the shops. You are a bad man :devilish: Stunning tying as always mate.
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    The Blank is OFF!

    Westie , never met you but i knew it was never going to be a blank season for you. Well done now go and get another 1 or 2 before the end.
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    Leg Abrasion on material , legs and seam

    I have given up hope with waders , recently sent my pair of what were recently new (Just over a year lightly used) pair of Hodgmans to diver dave. Good service and decent repairs done on them. Best waders i have had is a pair of basic Simms i got in America years ago which lasted over 5 years...
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    What would you have done?

    Dreaded Flying C, Works a treat for stubborn fish , infact the fish turn mental and just fling themselves up the banking at your feet. I would have put on a big buoyant muddler with a small silver ally 3 feet behind it and made some surface wake to see if they would come up for a look then...