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    Do South Westerlies make a difference in Salmon fishing.

    Sounds like H mc C!!!!!
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    Cooking oil.....Just a little dab.
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    Gold bugs

    Substitute a black hackle at the head and you have "Ronnie's Gold Bug"....Simple to tie...very effective.. fished successfully for many more years than I care to remember...and still being fished....
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    Orange and gold shrimps

    well done Robert
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    How do you like your Wilkinson?

    I stopped using Jungle Cock in any Irish shrimp flies 30 or more years ago and have never been aware of any difference to effectiveness!!!!
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    Scandi casting actual “max” distance......

    Is this distance measurement taken from the tip of the rod or from the reel?
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    How do you like your Wilkinson?

    See above post copied from a few years ago,,,,,All fish referred to above were safely released Also Robert W... the Gillie has since sadly passed away,
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    How do you like your Wilkinson?

    angleronnie Member Messages375Reaction score4LocationCo.Tyrone Dec 28, 2013 Add bookmark #1 In the 1970's a friend asked me to tie a replacement for his large 4/0 Silver Wilkinson which was still catching fish but was reduced by years of fishing to no more than clumps of stubble on the very...
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    How do you like your Wilkinson?

    Also fishes well with an orange bucktail long tail..
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    The General Practitioner

    10 out of 10,...Thankyou.
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    POLL: Tie of the Year 2020

    Tough decision --- had to go with the classic fly but would prefer to fish with many of the others! Fantastic display everybody.
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    Salmon fishing car

    Probably yes As well......But Mick Your Nissan is doing ok on ordinary tyres.?
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    Salmon fishing car

    All wheel drive Kuga fits the bill for me
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    Just so you don't think I've gone soft with age;

    fantastic video...reminds me of the ice flow in the River Mourne 2010 winter.....I could feel the cold just watching it!!!
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    12 lost, 1 landed - HELP!

    I once lost 13 in succession over a couple of weeks before finally landing the 14th..... so along with the above comments no need to worry