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    River Forth

    Nice gesture from the council. 23% off next years permit if you bought your permit before the March lockdown.
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    Yair - upper tweed tonight!

    Seatrout is a cracker.
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    River Tweed 2020

    Sorry, I do not usually call out photos and fish sizes, as photos can be deceptive some times. I have to agree it does not look 44 inches in the photo. Forget the net. Unless he has the biggest hands in the world it does not look 44 inches when just compared to the head, which does not bend. I...
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    River Forth

    Lets see if this brings some hens! Nearly everything caught (not many) but the few showing have also all been cocks!
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    Do you think it matters what fly

    It is, exactly the opposite for me. Not that I think it is the cause!
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    How long?

    It looks fairly silver still, I would have said 4 weeks so early Sept. Unfortunately we can only guess what colour she was when tagged. Love to know the answer.
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    Salmonid identification

    Spots on tail, I would agree a pink, from what we have been told to look for in the UK. But not that I have ever seen one other than in photos. Forked tail makes it looks like a Salmon smolt. Is that normal or because it was stuck in a pit for so long?
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    Fisheries That Allow Spinning Central Scotland

    The Forth hard to more central or did you mean rainbows?
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    Guess the weight

    If you are over 6 foot I would like to revise my guess upwards. Around 15 lb looks good for it. I make fish look big!
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    Guess the weight

    I think Roag Fisher is correct ca 13 lb would be my guess. Cocks weigh less for length than hens due to the head but to tell the truth we will never really know. Nice fish, you can always set it next the rod and get a measurement from that next time.
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    River Forth

    A number of fish in the lower river. A few fresh ones with them. Let's see what the flood leaves us with.
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    The River Finn

    Fairly small as well. I only fish the summer months and size 8 and 10 trout hooks cover most occasions on the Finn now. Cascades and allies shrimp were my go to flies. It was the Finn that showed me how good a small orange GP could be compared to a the stoats tail and teal blue and silver I had...
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    As I fish the Forth I can only go by what I have heard. There must be thousands in the system if you are catching so many. Absolute disaster and Mowi should have to pay for the clean up. Which of course they will not. Government should be ashamed for who they get into bed with ( no Alex jokes...
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    Good to hear. I know of of at least 6 off the Leven in the last week just from people I fish with. I have seen the photos and I suggest a lot of people may not be able to tell the difference. The lie that these fish will never run rivers and spawn or compete with wild fish is just a joke. If its...
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    Do you eat the fish you catch?

    Not allowed, 100% catch and release on the Forth!