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    Opportunity to fish the Hampshire Avon

    We've both taken full membership so we can taken advantage of any grayling fishing over the winter. I' d been dithering over joining for a good couple of years - given our spring fishing in Scotland was cancelled and not holding out much hope for early July either it seemed a sensible move. I'm...
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    Opportunity to fish the Hampshire Avon

    Friend and I finally taken out membership , been mulling it over for a couple of years. Hopefully we'll get a chance to check out Winkton very soon ....
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    History of Salmon fishing on the River Thurso

    Received notification today that " The History of Salmon Fishing on the River Thurso" by regular Thurso rod , Malcolm Dutchman -Smith is now available from Medlar Press at £25 plus postage . Looking forward to getting my copy , hopefully it's a good read for those who fish the river or are...
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    Rio Integrated Skagit Query

    Quick query - enjoy using a skagit in the right conditions but some time ago I aquired an old style Rio one with integrated running line - one of the early versions I think , yellow in colour . It's got a "cheater" with it - do I need to use this all the time or only to balance out a full MOW...
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    Argyll Rivers - Orchy

    Seeing availability on the Orchy via Fishpal , any information from members who fish the river regularly would be appreciated. My thoughts are to combine a few days with a family holiday at some stage . I fished Upper Craig years ago but out of touch now . Any other Argyll rivers worth looking...
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    Breaking Cover

    Thought it was about time I introduced myself too having signed up some time ago . Fanatical salmon angler living "down south" , love Scotland with a passion . Regularly fish the" far north" and try to get in a few short trips on the Dee and Upper Tweed. Broke my duck on the Fyne back in the...