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    Quote Originally Posted by phatagrova View Post
    540 grain heads / 34 grms will cover your needs I've also used them along with T 11/14 tips
    I went for the 570 grain/ 37 gram head in the end. How deep can i fish with the setup? Will i need to get an intermidiate shooting head as well? Or will the T11/14 be enough for medium water flow spring conditions?

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    New to the forum, but I have the Oracle Scandi Spey 139 and I mainly use it with an 8/9 Rio AFS when the water has warmed a bit and you can get away with the 10ft Versileaders or the Airflo Poly variety. I think the Scandi Spey Versitip 8/9 would be better on it when its colder and you need the 15ft tips to get down.
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    9/10 AFS with airflo polyleaders 10ft
    "Go easy...step tight...stay free".

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    Simon Sparrow,so you've got a Rage sorted then, good choice.Now,the Rage lines in general are all short, compact and powerfully tapered specifically to beat windy conditions.Being built as they are they will handle a variety of sinking tips off the front end when you need to control the depth of your flee, they will turn over quite heavy tips and flee's.Before we go any further,there is a down side to any Rage line in that as they are short with a steep heavy front taper its very very easy to overpower the cast in most stages.To get round this you need a tapered leader on the front a bit longer than the length of the rod.I'd suggest a tapered leader of 10ft or so and than maybe 5ft of leader material to your flee.This will tame the line down no end and give much more predictability in casting it.
    By now you're worried that I've not mentioned any form of sinking tips to get your flee down.Fear not!,you need a FULL set of Airflo Polytips in 10ft.Simply re-place the tapered leader with whatever sinking poly tip you want/need to use.Stick the same 5ft of leader material on the front then your flee.
    Now,this will give you the same length of leader every single time so your casting will stay as near as dammit the same.Poly leaders are tapered leaders covered in various grades of sinking polymer, treat them exactly as a tapered leader in the casting stakes.
    Now the sinking bit, you'll have to sort this bit out yourself on the waters you fish through experimentation,polys will get you down coupled with copper or brass tubes or similar weighted flees, however in the early spring cold weather and stronger flows polys pure and simply wont be enough some times and you'll need something heavier and maybe longer so it wont lift in the current or just plain and simply get you deeper.
    Rage lines will handle lengths of T material, you'll certainly cast 10ft,12ft and 15ft lengths of T11,simply re-place the tapered/poly leader with the T material and again 5ft of leader material to your flee.
    The next bit is the good bit, get out there and fish the set up, try the tips, vary them and the flee's you fish from them, see what it takes to hit bottom with the flee during the swing(not on the dangle),don't be scared to change, go heavier see what happens.Have a day out with no intensions of fishing, just try it all out see what happens.Once you hit bottom, go one tip lighter and you'll be on the money early season no probs.Get yourself a working understanding of the set up.
    Now,if you're not hitting bottom with the fastest poly and a copper tube, on with the T stuff, if you don't hit it with that then you need to go heavier.
    You should get away with a 12ft length of T 14,if you still don't hit, then you'll need to go the way of a fast sinking line or a Skagit line and heavier T material-or just longer of the same!.
    First step first though, give what you've got a thorough testing, read all the packaging for the sink rates etc and try it all out.
    If you like the Rage and polys. great, that'll make a very good general purpose set up. For the heavy stuff when you need to get down deeper or in faster flows get a cheapo Chinese Skagit and some T tips that'll sort you no problems.
    Let us all know how you get on, there's allways some one wanting the same advice, the more replies the merrier.
    Tight lines,Pedro.

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    I have the 12,9 skagit with a 600g rage head it casts really well but it wouldn't be my first choice to fish with, there's vision ace multi tips available from gac 40 i,m a novice caster but can turn over a 15ft tip of level di5 trout trout line with a 1.5" copper tube with the ace line.
    Imho the ace is the most versatile line for

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