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Thread: Dunkeld Shrimp

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    Default Dunkeld Shrimp


    I always liked the colour combination of the Dunkeld and often use a shrimp fly version of it.

    I have added a Michigan Blue Back rump feather dyed solar flare from IFS to help the tail stand out - instead of yellow breast feather that I would normally use

    The photo of the fly is taken from the rear (please excuse my finger in the photo!).

    It got me thinking - we generally think of the fly as we see it - or more correctly as we have tied it - that is - from the side. Although the fish I believe very rarely sees it like that.

    Maybe I have been approaching this fly fishing lark in the wrong way for all these years - that could explain my persistent lack of success!!
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    Same fly from the side
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    That's a beautiful tie!!!

    The tail really suits the fly and there's a few more I think it would suit also.

    It's difficult to know how the fish see the fly. To me, it depends on depth, speed, etc. If how it is fished. I suppose we're all guilty of overthinking at times.

    Anyway, that is a stunning fly and one I might try myself, although my tail will definitely be a lot less striking.
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    Hi Jockie - thanks for the compliment - really appreciated.

    The solar flare Michigan Blue Back rump feather is not something that I have used before. Although when I saw it dyed in solar flare, I immediately thought of this fly.

    Itís a lovely feather and ties in much brighter than it appears on the cape. I have one coming in intense red and am thinking of using it on the Owenmore shrimp - will post when it arrives and I have one tied.

    Thanks again for the comment
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    Now thatís my type of fly, really nice.

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