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    Default McHaffie’s Claret Shrimp

    With and without JC


    Hook: Magni #10
    Tag: Flat Gold Wire
    Rear Hackle: GP Breast feather
    Rear Body: Light Claret
    Mid Hackle: Claret
    Front Body: Dark Claret
    Rib: Flat Gold Wire
    Front Hackles: Silver Badger over hot orange cock.
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    Like those too, theres somthing special about Irish style shrimp flies. They give me real confidence. Personally I prefer with JC but I'm sure Salar isn't fussed...
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    One of the best Irish shrimp patterns, and they're very well tied 👌. Great pic too! 👌

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    Lovely looking flies

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    Both nice flies but I do prefer the JC
    Where do you get FLAT wire from? Sounds like a stronger alternative to oval.
    Regards Gary
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    1 of my all time favourites GK and a killing looking version you've tyed there too...
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the comments gents.

    It’s a nice pattern, that’s for sure. I’m a sucker for claret and the Badger/Orange really sets it off.

    There’s a picture of McHaffie in one of my old T&Ss and he looked like a real character.

    Gary, I got the flat wire from Chevron Hackles at BFFI last weekend. I liked the colour and it looks well in use.
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