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    Quote Originally Posted by YODA View Post

    feisty sport this is !!! I must take up darts or star gazing next season !!
    In a galaxy far far away all fish lived in safety no one dared put fly or hook near them until a 6 yr old sith cameth and cast all doom on the land
    Ye Cannae help bein' a wee bit grumpy, No if ye was jist born crabbit

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmonwormer View Post
    have to agree with fp, one salmon aint going to make or break a river and if its a young fella fair play to him im sure that one fish will keep him in the game for years,better him keeping the fish than down drinking cans of cider by the river
    very well said,the youth must be encouraged into fishing,what seems to be missing here is the fishmongors who stood at shaws bridge killing every fish they got and they werent children ,one fish is not going to throw the stocks into crisis point because if it did the river would be closed for salmon angling for everyone,fair play to the young lad and hope he stays at the fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Daddy View Post
    I've watched this thread deteriorate from one that showed goodwill and instruction, as well as quite a sense of pride in a little bit of local fishing, into one of accusation and a typical pc world gone wrong. Ciaran, I do think you've lost your sense of perspective; I'll ask you one simple question: From the age of 6, till you decided to return all fish you catch (I can only assume that's your standpoint?) how many fish did you kill? There is a case here of throwing the baby out with the bathwater here....


    That's not my standpoint at all...try reading my posts again...

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    Fished from Bellisle and senereil down on Saturday..

    didn't even as much as see a fish...

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    i dont think its a big deal if he kept the fish because since the lagan had salmon reintroduced the return of adult fish has been going in the rite direction. I hav'nt kept a salmon in years tho i would keep the odd trout. Thats not to say if my daughter happened to catch her first salmon and it just happened to be freshish then we possibly mite keep it. As for a six year old at a river with possibly no adults or anyone is shocking.
    The angler is just part of the bigger picture of wot a salmon has to overcome. Nets, predators, get the point.

    At the start of the year i was at a fly fishing only trout fishery and a guy caught a 6lb eel. He killed it and threw it in the hedge. Me and my m8 walked away in disgust before he ended up in the lake.That eel had prob bin in the lake for years feeding getting ready to head back to the sargaso sea to spawn. He had no rite to kill that eel but the lad keeping the salmon was within his rites and it is nobody elses buisness to be honest

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    Default Church Hill Anglers

    Quote Originally Posted by LeAngler View Post
    If you ever want to see fish in the Lagan the best place i know of is up stream of the Hilden Mill there's a weire there i seen it on tv when a local club was trying to catch fish in nets and lift them over the mill dam/weire to help them on their journey upstream usually late Sept / October.
    Also theres a good thow behind the old cocacola factory and up stream past Seymour hill housing estate. belongs to the Church anglers great bit of water.
    Has anyone any info on the Church Hill Anglers who have signage up along this stretch? I've searched high & low and can find no details at all.

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