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Thread: Fermoy weir

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    When you own a fishery and a large number of your regular customers reside in the house of Lords_let's just say local government bodies may feel a bit "shy" about "asking" for their weir to be removed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus c View Post
    When you own a fishery and a large number of your regular customers reside in the house of Lords_let's just say local government bodies may feel a bit "shy" about "asking" for their weir to be removed

    We left the jurisdiction of the House of Lords almost a hundred years ago so unlikely to overly influence IFI or Cork / Waterford county councils!
    The reverse was probably true why did the powers that be focus on removing this weir and not the one in Fermoy which was just as bad?
    There are some worthwhile arguments for keeping the weir. The environmental impact of releasing 150 years’ worth of ***** and pollution from Fermoy trapped in the dead water above, the loss of an area of sanctuary above the weir and the risk of flooding and land loss - there is a fair chance that the altered flow would eat a large hole in fields below given the orientation of the weir.
    Those who fish it swear that the fish just skim up the weir even in lowish water given its sloped face. In an ideal world there would be no weirs on the river – there should be a solution to fish passage that doesn’t simply destroy one of the most attractive fisheries in the country just because it belongs to a very wealthy aristocrat.

    I have only fished there once for a day ( a blank freezing day several years ago) so I have no axe to grind on behalf of the Duke – it is lovely piece of water.

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    Everybody has done their best to help with salmon conservation _some anglers have had their waters closed indefinitely, the netsmen that worked in the estuaries forfeited their livelihoods, all anglers are now under scrutiny with tags +logbooks, one of the main fisheries in cork is under brown tag legislation in January _l could rant on_The one thing that defies logic is that artificial barriers to salmon migration remain mysteriously untouched _can somebody explain why?? And yes _ l agree _the stretch below a weir is a lovely piece of water

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    It’s a strange situation where IFI are seeking to remove weirs in some rivers and actively installing new ones when constructing fish counters in others.

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    The weir in Thomas town on the river nore collapsed a few years ago was a big barrier and was a temperature barrier ...worth having a look at it if you are in doubt about weir removals ...the river has returned to its natural state ...and it has increased the amount of spawning gravels by approximately 2km which were silted up over the years above the weir ..its worth looking at to see how a river can return to it's natural state in a very short time ...
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    Yes an excellent example of weir removal. River returns to natural state very quickly with minimal damage downstream. Increases productivity for salmonids while reducing predation pressure. It is interesting to see smolt migration being impacted in low water causing delay at these obstacles. Unfortunately weirs are being used to support other leisure industries while rivers suffer and salmon decline. The most recent water quality issues are really hitting home primarily caused by farming and development which does not have adequate infrastructure to deal with waste water. If all the treatment systems were upgraded then salmonids would benefit substantially. As regards farming it is now a runaway industry with little awareness of water quality and little prospect of government intervention except through well meaning but substantially ineffective environmental schemes.

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