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    Default Predict and Win...2017.

    A days angling for two on the Kylemore/Dawros fishery during 2017, for the first person to predict the ‘Where, (River) which day and at what time’ the first fish (Salmon) is caught in Ireland 2017. Three goes for each forum member and the same rules as last year apply.
    Kelts, Baggots, Rawners need not apply! The first caught salmon must appear in all the usual angling news reports. Hearsay fish will not count!
    Entries end midnight 31st December. In the event of a draw… the entry that was first submitted will be the winner!
    Make sure you use the 2017 thread!
    If you make a mistake and need to edit your entry... do so before midnight of the date of your entry. Edited entries after this will not be counted.
    Happy Christmas everyone.

    Competition is open to all forum members...not just Ireland!
    For those not that familiar with the Irish Salmon seasons... the first to open are up in Donegal and consist of the Rivers Drowes, Lennonand Lackagh all opening on the 1st January with the River Liffey in Dublin opening for C+R for just the 1st January and closed thereafter. The next tranche of systems to open are The Killarney Lakes, River Laune and Lough Curranne which open 17th January. Most of the rest of the country re-opens 1st Febuary.
    Good luck.
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    15 th 18 th and 26 th march all at 10:10 am

    Kylemore sorry forgot river no times alterd
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    River Drowse
    January 2nd,10.20
    January 11th 11.00
    January 20th 12.50

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    The early bird gets first run down the pool.

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    My 3 attempts below...

    1. Drowse, 22nd Jan, 1030am.
    2. Loch Currane, 22nd Jan, 1030am.
    3. Drowse, January 7th, 1030am.

    Please, please, please, I really want to fish Kylemore!!


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    Here is my three selections,
    1.) 1st January 10.30 - River Drowes
    2.) 5th January 12.30 - River Drowes
    3.) 20th January 12.00 - River Drowes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart1108 View Post
    15 th 18 th and 26 th march all at 10:10 am

    Kylemore sorry forgot river no times alterd
    Could easily happen... had one as early as the 2nd February!

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    Drowes 3rd January 11am.
    Drowes 5th January 9.30 am.
    Liffey 3rd January 2pm .

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    Drowes 7th January 10 am. drowes 14th January 10 am. Currane 17th January 10 am.

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    drowes 9th jan 11.45 am
    drowes 18th jan 11 am
    currane 28th jan 10 am

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nore Angler View Post
    Drowes 7th January 10 am. drowes 14th January 10 am. Currane 17th January 10 am.
    Lets hope Aldi don't get there first. Apparently they have been advertising 'wild Irish, estuary caught smoked salmon' for the Christmas market........caught with Aldi fishing rods no doubt !!!
    I believe they have now taken the packaging off the shelves since it was revealed that the salmon actually came from a Scottish Salmon farm.......chancers !!!!!!
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