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Thread: Doggy Photo's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zamora View Post
    Hi guys. I live in Finland, so we use lots of different spitz type dogs in here. Iíve got a West Siberian Laika and a Norrbottenspets which I use at game bird hunting. Couple of photos from them:

    Attachment 28064

    Attachment 28063
    Couple of nice capers there.
    We are not allowed to shoot them here as there has been a moratorium on them for quite a few years now.
    The last one I shot was on Drummond Hill above Kenmore in 1981.
    That was the year after the "Drummond Hill Rollers" escapade. I often wonder if anyone in that landrover is on the forum here. If they are they will know what i mean.

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    on the mourne

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibm59 View Post
    Puts me in mind of this

    That is one of the funniest things I've seen for ages. Thanks for that.

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