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    Default LeCie 13'6" #9/10 Medium

    Anyone used this rod? - know where there is one available at good price. I already have the 14'8" UK Spey and rate it very highly.

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    It is quite a bit softer than the UK Spey, I'd definately describe it as medium fast.

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    Hi BB

    I have one of these, and rate it very highly indeed. It is light in the hand, with some reasonable power, but a forgiving action and is ideal for Spey lines of 50'-55' in length. It is fine with shooting heads, but I find the best fit is the Airflo Delta Spey 9/10. The UK Spey is a pretty stiff thing, but I think you will like the 13'7", especially if you can get the same sort of deal again.

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    Thanks chaps - not sure if it will be to my liking as I prefer something a wee bit faster - sounds like a good summer rod though - might just take it if the price is right.

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