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    Default Sizing Patagonia Waders

    I know that the age old lesson is to always go and try them on but very few, if any shops around me have them in stock in anything like my size.

    I sized myself up against the Patagonia size charts, I'm 6ft and thin. So I went for the Long Large size and got me a pair from the US for 220.

    All I can say is I wouldn't want to meet the man who fits into those waders. They are huge. They are not even close to the biggest they make.

    Anyone with knowledge of this area able to give me some advice about what size might fit me? Anyone of similar build able to suggest the size they wear? I am 6ft tall, 35in inseam (to the floor), 32in waist, 40in chest. Size 11 (UK) feet.

    Any advice most appreciated.


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    I have a had a look at a couple of the size charts i use and you are at the upper end of large long, or a loose fitting XL. I would suggest the XL.

    Too small is a disaster but but a little big in the body is generally not a problem, wear a jumper.

    The most important thing you need to do when trying waders is to firstly wear your fishing clothes, so you know they will fit when in use.

    Then get into the positions you will when fishing. I recommend sitting in a chair, like in a boat or the hut. This strains the back side seam in ill fitting waders.

    Then try to put one foot onto a chair, like you are climbing out of a deep pool, the thigh to bum seam is strained by this if they are too short.

    Kneeling on your heels, strains the ankle seam and sometimes the knee seam.

    Finally one knee on the ground, like you would returning a 30lber tests the crotch seam and thigh seams for fit.

    If the waders are like a drum during any of these they are too small, and you are stronger than any wader seam ever made. They may not split, but they will leak.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for a great reply. I thought I was in the long large too but having got a pair and tried them on the feel really big.

    Length is about right but around the chest they are massive and the feet I would expect to be quite snug but they are like flippers. My old simms fitted much better. Do you think I am maybe expecting them to be a lot more snug and probably do have the right size?

    Really appreciate your advice.

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    I guess you are more a Scandinavian fit, than an American one! Try the fitting exercises, and see if the fitting is ok. Chest size should not be an issue but the feet may be in time, too big is uncomfortable and may leak. I guess it depends just how much they are too big by.

    I can never really tell how they will fit without seeing you in them but at a guess they will be fine, though the feet may be an issue. Try them and see how you get on. Let me know how the fitting exercises go. They should almost pull tight but not quite when tried.

    Big wader feet can be sorted


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    Cill Chainnigh


    I'm a short **** at 5'10 shy off 13 stone. The medium, medium fits me nicely. Streets ahead of the Simms gear.
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    And I'm almost a cube at 5'7" & about 15 stone with size 8.5 feet (47" chest & 38" waist) - the large / short are spot on for me & allow plenty of room for 2 pairs of socks without being floppy fitting on my feet.

    Regards, Tyke.

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    Hi Peter,

    I am 181 cm wear jeans waist size 30, length 32 and the Patagonia size medium reg is a very good fit. I am only shoe size 8 so I suspect that you would fit either ML reg or ML long.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys.

    Just by way of illustration and to show Dave. Here are a couple of photos. I think it is the feet that is the main worry, though I could easily shove a pillow down the front of the waders too.

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    I would not worry about the space in the body, it will not cause a problem, but those socks will leak in no time. You need to have space in them, but they look to be too long by a good inch.

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    I would need extra space in the backside for what would be likely to happen if I bent over to find a 30pounder on the end of my line.
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