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    Default Best Ghillie experiences

    After some have let it be known of bad experiences recently,I would like to ask of some of the best days with ghillies that you have had.

    Here is one of mine.

    It was on Stobhall on the Tay that I was met by Bob Campbell and his sidekick Ernie last year.
    A party of four that I was in had arrived before the Ghillies, and when Bob arrived he asked us what we wanted to do,whether it be fishing the fly by wading or boat,or a bit of harling.He said that this was our day and that he would work with us.Straight away,that put the full party at ease.
    All of us fished the fly so that was the order of the day with two on the boats and two wading with a change at lunch.
    I opted to wade the first part of the day and was dropped off on the other side of the river with clear instructions of what currents I would feel and where to wade safely.His knowledge was spot on and I felt safe wading in what was new to me.He was always looking over his shoulder from the boat checking where I was just in case I went in the wrong area.
    Nothing in the morning and into the boat in the afternoon with Bob.
    We had came down a good run which came to a calmer bit of water that I felt that the tube I was fishing was not working right.As Bob pulled us back up with the rope i asked him if he could make the boat go through the same run again with a change of fly to a double on the end.Not a problem he said.
    We came down to the slacker water and ended up with a nice wee Springer in the boat after a few heart stopping moments.That made my day and Bobs, as he was happy that I was happy.A gentleman to the core along with Ernie who I did not get the chance to spend time with.
    I will certainly be going back to the beat at some time as it was a pleasure to fish with good company.
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    Both cracking ghillies. Good saintee bob too lol

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    Bob and Ernie are tops. As are their counterparts on Taymount.
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    Any day out with wee Geordie is always a pleasure,
    Great craic and as knowledgeable as any I've been fortunate to fish with.....he even managed a fish for my dad last year when everything looked hopeless!

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    Robert Harper on Lower Crathes, Dee is a wonderful ghillie in every respect and a great guy. As is Ian Farr on Bemersyde, Tweed. Both know the water extremely well and will try everything they can to get you into a fish as well as help you with your tackle etc.

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    Default Great ghillies

    I had a couple of Days at Newtyle last September and rate Andy Gunn as a Ghillie cracking bloke. In 2011 I fished Boleside on the tweed, Nigel fell is the Ghillie there, I read a few posts that were not that positive about Boleside. Well I had a ball, Nigel is a gent and is up for the Craic. Mind you I would not like to upset him. If the odds are against you fishing wise and you start with sarkie comments and acting an **** you can expect frost on the grass with your ghillie but fish hard take the advice and show the chap respect and 99% of Ghillies and Riverkeeper are good old boys.

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    I'm just back from the Tweed, I had 2 days on Hendersyde with John [Ketch] & Nigel who were excellant; lots of enthusiasm, knowledge & good humour. They are one of the reasons I like fishing this beat [together with a springer on each day!].
    John is now the head boatmen follwing Kenny's retirement, sadly Kenny passed away a year later & is much missed, however Nigel is now the second boatmen & is making an excellant job of it; both are a pleasure to fish with.
    On the third day my pal & I fished Upper North Wark for the first time. Again the experience was superb, both Tam & Brian were keen to get fishing & very knowledgable regarding the beat. They were also good company & I managed 3 springers [& 9 kelts] for the day as a result of their guidance.
    I will actively seek to fish both beats again - & the gillies helpful attitudes & keen approach is a major influence in this.

    Regards, Tyke.

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    Shouldn't you be at work instead of skiving off J.H.?.P.

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    Default Decent Gillies (or however you spell it)

    Another vote for Brian Palmer of Norham from me.
    The boss at Tweedhill (not to say he pretends to this) and second in command at Upper North Wark, on the river Tweed. Have not been for a couple of years, but Brian has proper people skills, and is all I'd want in a gillie. A great laugh, down to earth, and an absolutely genuinely sound fishing man (about as keen as me)! Works his waders off to help you, and the only gillie who routinely tries not to accept unnecessary gratuities. Wish more were like him!

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