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    Default T&S Wading Article and Staff's

    Read the article in this monthís T&S about the dangers of wading and what to do in event of an involuntary swim. The bit about wading staffs was interesting. I have stout wooden staff which I have had for years and it has a shoulder strap rope / string type. Itís always getting me snagged around my arms etc and pulls in the fast water when I am not holding it for support. I have always thought it may be a danger but the article brought it home. If you were taking a dip in a fast current with that round your neck and getting caught up you could be in a life threatening situation. I have often thought of one of those Simms collapsible ones not least you could collapse it when not in use and not have to cart it about. But what has put me off is they seem flimsy and in a fast rocky river itís reassuring to have a solid wooden or metal staff to put your weight on. So I have not bothered I wonder if anyone else has thought about this issue and what you use?

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    Had one of those folding ones do their job and colapse on me while wading. I went straight back to my Sharpes spey staff. A big long heavy steel stick with a lump of my wifes yorkshire pudding in the end (aka lead)...

    I wear it with a strap but included in that is a big heay duty clip that pulls apart with a big enough shock. Added to that I've one of those boat key floats (shaped like a big champange cork). So, if the snap release does go the lanyard stays up on the surface (as long as the water isn't more than 3 or so feet. If it's more than 3 foot deep I tend to stay away anyway... I'm rather short!

    I think some of the tackle shops sell laynards with a snap release bit but my home made one does a great job.

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    Gives the Simms a chance have used it 4 a few years and no problem, i have even been leaning on in at 15 stones with 5 gates open on the galway weir and no problem. when u are not using it fold up and hide behind ur back so u will not catch line etc.

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