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    Default Casting Different Action Rods

    Quote Originally Posted by Springer View Post
    Examples of different rod actions are many, off the top of my head good examples would be;

    Fast Action - Guideline LPXe, Vision GT4 Catapult

    Medium Action - Guideline Le Cie, Loop Multi

    Slow Action - Scott LS2, Vision Cult, Hardy Demon

    All of the above have fast/med fast recovery. Very few rods have slow recovery these days due to the advancements in carbon fiber although I can think of examples, probably best I dont mention them.
    I have taken ths from another thread

    With regard to the casting stroke would it be a case of a slow cast for the slow action rod and a fast cast stroke for the fast action rods or is it not that simple.

    Do the different action rods produce a different 'performance' ie casting distance as it would seem that a fast action would have more power in the line and hence will travel further.

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    A fast casting action for a fast rod and a slow casting action for a slow rod is about right. Although some fast rods will happily cast with a slower stroke as long as your timing is good.

    Fast / Slow does not necessarily relate to power. My go to rod is a Le Cie 'fast', but if I want distance I will use my slower rod built on a CTS blank; along with a longer bellied line.

    I would say that the CTS has far more power than the Le Cie, but the Le Cie is an easier rod to fish with in a variety of situations through a days fishing.

    I always think that it's a bit like golf. The driver is the most powerful club (I think) but you would not want to play every shot with it.
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