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Poll: have you caught a salmon on the fly?

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    Default salmon caught on the fly

    reading through a lot of posts thier seems to be a lot of people(including myself)who fly fish or learning to, who have never to get a fish,so to save embarassment here is a poll,yes or no to the question,

    if your memory serves you right give a post on the first fly caught salmon you got,and if you have enough experence then fire up a few tips for the none catchers,
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    My 1st was in Sept 2001, at the mouth of the Moneycarragh river in Co Down. On a blue and silver medicine type fly. Will never forget the take and the first screaming run followed by a leap at the end. Magic. A 4.5lb grilse.

    Advice for those taking it up is to get a good sense of the right size of fly for the water youre on, and to make sure you give the flies plenty of life. Be it bouncing the rod tip, fig of 8 retrieve, short or long pulls etc etc, I have found that you get far more interest when a bit of movement is put into the flies, instead of just allowing them to dead drift around.


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    First fly hooked salmon, I was about 14 fishing the Doctors Water in Strabane in late April with my newly acquired 13ft rod and borrowed medalist reel that would stop a freight train and that is exactly how I had the drag set.
    All I remember was all he'll breaking loose with a fish splashing at the end of the line and nearly wrenching the rod out of my hand. A few seconds later the fish was off! I sat on the bank with my heart racing trying go settle myself, the biggest fish previous to this was several White trout under a pound.
    Once I settled my nerves I gave it another throw and the same thing happened again, fish on a lot of splashing and a size 10 currys red shrimp coming back at me. I was that devastated it took ten years to manage to land one.
    I learned 2 things give a bit of line and don't worry too much if they come off, most of the excitement is in the take.

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    Default First salmon

    Was in November 1999 at Lower Pavilion on the Tweed by Melrose

    It was a 9lb cock fish caught in the pool abovet he cauld on a 2'' black and orange copper tube fished on a wetcel 2 line. A sharpes Aquarex 15ft rod and a Don reel the setup was lent to me by HUgh of Sharpes in York st Marylebone.

    I caught my second fish an hour or so later that day a 14lber.

    My memory was not of how great it was but of how they didn't really go very hard compared to sea fish. I'd been catching tuna and billfish of Narooma for a couple of years prior and was used to using 80lb stand up gear.

    I now realise that catching and the fight is not thing its all in the take, fooling the fish that doesn't eat in the freshwater into taking some fly made of artificial bits and pieces. The craic has also beem learning how to fish diferent beats and also appreciating differnt malts and blends!

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    September 1983 on the Wye first time out with the fly for salmon. Fishing down a lovely pool with a home tied version of a Francis. Head spinning trying to remember all the tips I was given most importantly if you get a take give the fish some line to let it turn. Pull on the line and what do I do, yes strike like mad. Thankfully the salmon had not read the books because even though he tailwalked around the pool several times, with me not giving any line at all, luckily he had not read the manuals and he stayed on. 8lb and I was then totally hooked on salmon fishing.
    As the guys above say the take is the thrilling bit because now that I know more I am frightened to hell during the fight knowing all the things that can go wrong.
    Also when you fish the Wye as I do a take is a very occasional experience so it is all the more precious.
    Tips I can pass on are
    Think like a fish
    If your fly isn't in the water you won't catch owt
    Make sure you can cast the fly, get lessons if needed, and make sure your tackle is balanced
    Think about what your fly is doing depth, speed, size etc
    Don't be afraid to experiment
    And most important enjoy yourself because it is great fun.
    Tight Lines to all for 2011
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    Regards Gary
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    Default first

    I posted a report when I returned from the trip

    hope to be back on that side of the pond for another try this year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiscoy View Post
    I posted a report when I returned from the trip

    hope to be back on that side of the pond for another try this year
    How on earth did i miss that report,GREAT congrats.

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    It was in August 1986 from the top of the Powberry on the Kingcausie beat on the lower Dee. In those days a lot of people fished the shrimp on the lower Dee towards the back end. Indeed that morning many a shrimp had been trundled down the pool without much success,

    Anyway i stepped in at the neck of the pool with my 14ft B & W Bruce and Marquis reel with a sink tip line and a size 12 Black Shrimp fly of my own making. A few casts to the far side of the stream a few steps down, then everything went tight. I am not sure who was more surprised; me or the fish. All the others fishing shrimp certainly were!

    After a short struggle a fish of 8lbs was beached.

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    Default First Salmon

    September 2008. Glenferness on the Findhorn. I had done a beginners and intermediate course without seeing a salmon. This day Monday, the 1st day of a week on the Findhorn, the river seemed full of fish! I had missed(struck) 5 fish. Ian Neale, the guide,was tearing what little hair he has left out.
    I was fishing with a floating line, 5 ft Michael Evans sink tip and a size 10 Cascade. Eventually I stopped myself striking and allowed a fish to pull off a yard of line, lifted and was into a beautiful 8lb fish. Landed it after 15 mins of it jumping all over the pool.
    There is a picture of me playing this fish on Ian's website, but unfortunately before we could get a picture of me with the fish, it jumped straight out of Ian's arms and back into the river.
    It does not matter that I didn't get a photo, the memory of that fish will always be with me.

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    Not everyone can cast a long line well, but most should manage to FISH a short line mint. I bet more fish would be caught if we stayed within our limits.......

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