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    Default Affecting stocks?

    Just a thought, what effect will this prolonged spell of very cold temperatures have on the spawning success or not on the redds and to the survival of the eggs.

    If this has been queried on other threads, sorry, but I just wondered what some of the Forum members thought.
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    From what I gather, a cold winter actually enhances survival. When we have a mild winter eggs hatch earlier when there may be less available foodstuff for the fry. During a cold winter hatching is delayed until later in the spring. many flies, so little time!

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    Considering some of the best rivers to Salmon fish in, are in, Northern Russia, Iceland, Northern Canada, Norway, All of which are colder than anywhere in the UK. I think it could be very good for the young fish, Or at least I hope so, cant do them much harm anyway. Hopefully in a few years we will find the rivers full of fish due to this weather. Wishful thinking.

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    Overall its really beneficial: -
    low water, less risk of salmon cutting redds in gravels only covered during high water.
    Salmon metabolism slowed down - longer spawning period, risk is spread.
    Rivers unaccessable less disturbance of spawning fish.
    More protection from predators.
    Predators struggling for food (not a concern for a salmon!) & more will perish.
    Slows everything down, eggs will survive even if frozen & alevins will not emerge until later in the spring as already mentioned.
    Build up of grue into ice bergs can have tremendous force & scour out the weed beds & silt from pools & also move boulders a long way (No real effect on spawning in the faster streams but can seriously change some established lies)

    A proper winter can do wonders for the natural order & we should see the benefit in all country pursuits this year

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    The only downside might be the increase in avian predation on young smolts, due to stillwaters freezing for long periods ,forcing the birds onto rivers! The sooner the controls only culling of cormorants etc are relaxed the better!!!!

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