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    Default transfering rod to norway

    whats the best way of transfering rods think this may have been covered before ,but can you transfer a 3 piece 15ft rod as hand luggage

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    Default Rods to Norway

    I don't think any airline will allow full size rods to travel as hand luggage now - you might use it in a terrorist attack!! Some budget airlines even charge up to 20 each way for the rod alone in the hold.

    To overcome this I have two 15ft six piece rods that go in my hold baggage, a Fulling Mill and a Bloke together with 5 piece 8/9 double handed and a 4 piece single handed AFTM 8 9 cover all eventualities. NB the reels must also go in the hold as some righteous security guard may consider the lines as a weapon!

    My holdall is a Sierra bag 36 inches long which can take up to 4 breakdown rods in plastic tubes in a special section + waders and boots + a weeks clothing, fully packed it weighs in at 19kgs. Very difficult to get hold of now.


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    Airlines don't take rods in the cabin anymore and certainly not a 15' 3 piece. Make sure your rods are in strong alloy tubes as the Polypropylene rod cases (the one with wheels at one end) are not strong enough to stand being run-over by a luggage tractor unit, which happened to a mate of mine at Alta.

    Take out a travel policy which covers expensive gear as the airlines couldn't give a toss about broken/lost gear. Make sure your tackle bag is locked as the thieving baggage handlers make full use of their "pilfering rights" and will pinch (leatherman tools ect,) stuff which you won't notice until you get to the river bank.

    It might be worthwhile investagting whether you can hire rods and landing nets locally. I know that Intersport in Alta will hire decent kit at reasonable prices. What you spend on hire can be offset by the costs of avoiding kit disinfection which is now madatory on most Norwegian rivers.

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