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    Default Rod help and line confusion?!!?

    I'm relatively new to salmon fly fishing and could do with a bit of advice regarding rod length and fly lines. I have fished a 12ft Daiwa cf 98 in the past on our small Ayrshire rivers but what size would be best for the lower Nith?. Also after browsing through threads here I'm lost when it comes to fly lines, I always used DT lines, what does 65ft head at 50grams mean? and should it be floating or sinking?
    Hope I don't sound too thick, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Before you start buying any new tackle I would recommend a lesson with a qualified instructor. This will teach you the basics of casting and they will be able to advise you on all the different setups such as Spey lines, Shooting Heads, Skagits etc. If you start off correctly you will not waste years trying to unlearn bad habits and tackle.
    Hope this helps.
    Regards Gary
    Fishing for 60 years and am still trying to understand why I do it, but I love misunderstandings

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    I also had to come to terms with the array of lines on the market. Like you I had fished most of my years with double tapers but due to work commitments limiting the last few years to sporadic outings I had not kept up with tackle.

    However I have now become a fan of light 12-13 foot rods and a shooting head. My own set up is a 12' loop with a #6/7 rio afs shooting head and 4 tips.
    I find I use it 95% of the season (only in very early spring do i turn to my 14 Footer), it is so light and delicate that I also use it for sea trout at night on bigger rivers.

    I can cover most beats from small to medium/big with it and the pleasure of such a light rod is immense (and my back loves it too). I can recommend this route.

    Just make sure you get a balanced outfit.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll visit a few tackle shops during the sales and hopefully try out a few outfits.


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