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    Default Discussion in the Scotsman Newspaper

    Some interesting tidbits in this.

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    Has anyone checked this out. The ignorance of some non-anglers and the utter futility in trying to put them right is here in black and white!

    BTW is fishing freak on the forum. Well done sir in standing up. I amy join you for some moral support shortly

    BTBTW mods on here would have a field day on that forum. Crikey that is a real ding dong
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    The battle has continued with some serious allegation going about.

    I wonder who the Allegators are?

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    so they don't allow the use of will be compulsory catch and release next
    "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." óGeorge W Bush, Sept. 29 2000.

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    Well done Fishing Freak. As for the majority of the rest of them, compliments to their taylors, I could hear every word quite clearly !

    Tight lines (but no explosives or cyanide)

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    Re post 6 in the Scotsman:

    The KAA is a private club.

    it is nobody's business if they give concessionary permits to fathers and not mothers.

    If they dont like it they can go elsewhere.

    And as for them not wishing to answer emails from the public, WHY THE HELL SHOULD THEY?

    It is a PRIVATE club and has got nothing to do with the public. If anyone of the contributors want to know about the RKAA they just need to join and they be given the answers to any club related business that they desire.

    Of course if they are being nosey, or are just out to f@nny about, then s0d off.

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