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Thread: River Dee Costs

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    Default River Dee Costs

    As everybody will be aware we are in the grips of a severe recession and money is scarce for the bulk of people, yet the owners of a very well known beat on the Dee have decided to raise the daily charges for fishing yet again. This has been nearly every year since I started fishing this beat it has happened, The owner is a very wealthy gentleman and I trust is aware of the current financial situation that face most people so why do rents go up, the long and short is GREED. We are now looking very seriously at cancelling Feb, March April and Aug....AS ONE OF OUR PARTY SAID (A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN ) THEY ARE NOW TAKING LIBERTYS, THEY CAN STICK IT.

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    The old supply and demand equation my friend. Morally out of order .As long as wealthy overseas and UK anglers are willing to pay greed will prevail.

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    I am now finding myself priced off most rivers when there's fish in (particularly when you include travelling, accomodation etc for us southerners) but the strange thing is people seem to keep paying the higher and higher prices. I have no kids and a good job and am finding it expensive so I'm not sure who it is.

    I used to enjoy a trip to the Tweed, but now view the Dee etc as better value - but I'd be surprised if it lasts given your comments.

    There was a very interesting piece written in here suggesting these prices are a bubble in a cycle. I hope it is so. My observation is that if you look at a day's salmon fishing on the Tweed, even a relatively pricey one, it is cheaper than a good day's shooting. Perhaps it is being seen as an alternative in these days of recession?


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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler View Post
    We are now looking very seriously at cancelling Feb, March April and Aug....
    Fancy giving us first refusal?
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    Smile Don't go

    You can always vote with your feet but some other mug will always jump in perhaps we should look at alternative rivers who do give genuine value for money although the fishing might not be quite as productive at least they will appreciate the additional revenue

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    Default Dee prices

    Yes truth is while people will pay it they will sell the best beats VERY easily,
    especially taking into account as ever what you pay to fish the lesser beats even on the Tweed in the autumn, though this year of course the Tweed did fish it's head off!

    the Dee had another good season though,
    and is the only place we in my groups bother to fish in the spring now.

    I have had my Dee offers for 2011 and yes there has been some increases, the beats that are returning more fish than the 10 year average are where we see the highest % increase, but that is fair in beats such as Commonty/Inchmarlo which have been quite cheap.

    beats with little/no average 10 year increase though there has been a smaller % hike.

    I have accepted all offers and will pay it,

    though whether we will still keep going if in 2 years time there are further increases in Dee runs of fish and catches and we are still told we must put all fish back remains to be seen though

    but if I stop taking my Dee fishing due to further enforced seasons of C+R-
    someone else will take it instead for sure

    When your time is truly up, the Grim Reaper comes to smile at you.
    And all you can do in all reality, is to just smile right back at him...............

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    Default Strathglass

    Aye, send me a blank cheque and I will send you the dates.

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    Default leedsgarth

    This is for the forum in general, what is a cheap days fishing ? Because 200 inc accom plus fuel is not cheap and that is what some beats of the Dee cost from March onwards, it now seems to have 7 months prime time.

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    You could all come and try the Deveron in the early part of the year.

    Our spring fish numbers are not fantastic but we do not get many anglers until June.

    The river could produce around 100 fish by the End of April and these will be spread accross a max of say 350 "day anglers" so your chance of a fish is fairly good.
    However with more anglers the numbers could be greater- we just do not know.

    Have a look here

    In April the cost of the Lodge sleeping 12 and fishing 4 rods is 1833 for the week . 1300 in February and March.

    The Cottage sleeping 7 is about 500 less.

    This is the most expensive beat on the river so other cottages and fishing can be had for less.

    The river used to produce over 600 spring fish in the fifties and sixties and our current numbers are on the up.

    It is fairly hard to find fishing later in the season as anglers have been coming for generations and again our 5 and ten year average for Salmon is creeping up to nearer the 3500 from 3100.

    We have trouble selling day tickets at 15-30 up until May as the perception is - that it cant be up to much if it is that cheap. In peak season top beats charge 420-475 per week and our top beat had 106 fish in one week this year.
    Another beat on a fly only basis charges under 200 plus vat for a rod per week and averages 120 salmon per season.

    My feedback is that anglers not fishing here think it is fantastic value and current anglers will want me hung for trying to push the river as charges will rise.
    Any opinions would be helpfull.


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    not only can the dee be expensive but the conditions suck, like minimum 3 days or minimum 3 rods and so on. not much chance for someone just wanting a day.


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