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    Default A peak behind the curtains!!

    I've had this thought swimming about for a while now. Please don't anyone take offence , I have no wish to interfere with any individual's personal enjoyment of the sport.

    I usually fish an Ally's shrimp;it catches me fish, so why change. However I have a fishing mate who, when we go fishing needs about three tips to his car to get his tackle into the hut. Serious boxes of flies "the mother ships"they're known as from which he extracts any particular day's killer paterns. Everyyear the mother ships grow bigger ands bigger. He happily takes the mick out of my scraggy box of self tied Ally's. So now he has pot bellied pigs, Francis flies,turbo discs(get a grip) and templedogs and phlemthrowers and this and that and sunrays as well.

    So now a story. A few years ago I had access to a small fishery that had been seriously overstocked with Rainbow trout. Now I'm a big fan of rainbow trout fishing as it's where I started fishing and no doubt may others also.However too many had been stocked.. it was a fish a cast. So we decided to experiment, I'd always fancied replicating Oliver Kite's " bare hook nymph", first cast on a bare hook, hooked one, also on an acorn, a daisy,a twig and a piece of chewing gum, we could have gone on. At this point I had been a mad keen fly tyer, up till the early hours getting my dubbing right on my nymphs and making sure that the tinsel turns were equally spaced. And so now i'd caught a fish on a daisy!

    So here's the rub. I quite like tying a perfect Ally's shrimp (after all he said it was based on a shrimp he'd seen on a hebridean trawler) it catches me fish. BUT... could I do away with all of this, the five pound floss and tinsel, the five pound fluff and feather.
    The Medicine I catch my sea trout on is no more than a bare hook with a token wing and hackle..nothing to it.
    So does anyone dare fish for salmon with a silver hook and two white feathers or is that a bit too much like a "peak behind the curtains"..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontdiveintheshallaend View Post
    So does anyone dare fish for salmon with a silver hook and two white feathers or is that a bit too much like a "peak behind the curtains"..
    That's a funny thread. I fish with silver salars sometimes, quite sparsely tied for the Dee, and I'm looking at some white/silver badger capes.

    I'll let you know how I get on

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    AHE Wood of "Greased Line Fishing" fame used to fish with painted hooks on the beat he fished on the Dee (Cairnton). He caught plenty with them.
    However, when hook ups are relatively few each season, would I rather fish a bare hook for salmon or an Ally's? An Ally's, for sure. Would I rather fish an Ally's or a marabou hackled fly, which pulses and moves in the current as if it's alive? That's a harder question, because I catch with both.

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    My "collies" have only three components - aluminium tube, long black wing and brown bucktail. Not quite bare but sparse non-the-less.

    Fish seem to like them
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    I mentioned previously the story of fishing the "spring wells " Ballina

    before the river boulders were taken out of the place , to make sure the

    new Cathedral beat worked.....

    I was fishing a shrimp fly size 10 on the point and a bibio johannis

    size 14 on the dropper , the bibio johannis was just a dubbing of black

    seal fur and a small black hen hackle tied from head to butt....

    what did the salmon take the colourful fully dressed large shrimp fly ?..

    not at took the diminutive size 14 bibio ......( and was landed) ...
    Grey Monkey
    So ! what part of the river has the "game" angler nominated as a sanctuary for all

    fish?. The spawning streams/ rivers ? the headwaters ? the upper stretches ? the middle

    stretches , the lowers stretches ? the tidal stretches ?.

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