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    I’m hoping for 80% in June – how I get through until then is going to be a real challenge for us. We have asked for a mortgage break but have not had confirmation. I buy and sell antiques, art and vintage furniture, so all my limited brass is in stock (most of which is for sale online but let’s face it buying that standout item for your home isn’t a priority is it) – its like ebay has been switched off !

    Usually in a pinch I can hustle (the chair I am sat on as I type this has a for sale ticket on it) and send unsold stock to auction and draw some quick cash but they are all closed. I also get a small monthly royalty cheque of 200 for my book sales.

    My wife is a front-line worker ( social care support officer adult services )- so now the schools are shut I am full time looking after my children so unable work during the week – ( happy to do courier and removals at the weekend, all recent jobs have been cancelled ) So we are purely living off my wifes wage.

    Obviously, our circumstances could be a lot worse – but no income for 12 weeks is going to be really tough.

    One thing is for sure – what we are learning is there really is no “normal” the diversity of peoples situations is broad and wide. I am in no doubt that the aftermath of this pandemic is going to be the true test – a long list of services underfunded for years – now are all deemed “heros & essential”. How we care for the vulnerable and reward the people & services who governments took for granted will be this pandemics legacy.

    29th June 2017 – 323 MP’s vote NO to a pay rise for emergency services - & cheer about doing so.

    On a lighter note - anybody else really missing sport ?
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