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    Default Classic looking reel (for 14~15ft rod) ?

    I'd admit I am quite picky on reels. Was always looking to add a classic looking spey reel to my collection, but haven't found the perfect one to do so, yet. I have done my research so I think I still know what options are available, but there could probably be some less known, smaller companies, that have "my prefect reel" which I am not aware of. Let's talk.

    For such reel I'd like:
    1. S-handle
    2. Disc Drag
    3. Out-going click
    4. ~12oz empty weight. (I have a 10.6oz Abel Super 12 for my 14' rod at the moment, and found it a bit light for the 15', works, but not perfect)
    5. Multiplier (option feature)

    Options available:
    1. Saracione Mark V 4" or 4-1/4"
    2. Hardy Cascapedia 8/9 or 10/11
    3. Loop Classic 811 or 1013
    4. Vosseler Passion 10/12 (A company that I wasn't aware of earlier, but that modern+classic Passion reel looks great.)
    5. Vision Tank ( no S-handle though)
    6. Farlex (have multiplier models but no disc drag)

    Of those, the Saracione is probably the most expensive (follow by Farlex). The Mark V quite ticks all the criteria but I have not been triggered enough to spend such $$ on a big reel that might get used maybe, one week per year.

    Cascapedia, I just don't like that 3 circle silver logo plates on it. A plain solid black, or drilled sideplate, would be good. Anyone also feel that 3 circles design looks ugly?

    Loop Classic. The most common negative feedback I read is that they retrieve line too slowly. But for the 4" dia model (811 or 1013), isn't it similar to the others such as the Saracione and Cascapedia? The Saracione and Cascapedia seem to have even smaller arbor. But if you fill them with enough backing, aren't they retrieve about as fast (or as slow)? Why no one bashing the Saracione or Cascapedia being too slow?

    Vosseler Passion. This one is high on my list, and more affordable than the Saracione. It has large arbor also. Are there similar companies making such similar good offerings that I am not aware of?

    And at last, multipliers. Who still make multipliers nowadays? (besides Saracione and Farlex).

    Oh finally, yes finally, looking at some of the "modern spey reels" that are claimed for 14/15' 8/9/10wt rods, such as the Guideline Vosso 1113 (8.75oz / 245g) and Nautilus NV Spey 4.5" (9.1oz / 254g), don't the makers think they are too light to balance such rods? I heard the Guideline rods are light, while I haven't cast one, I have owned or cast some of the other top end spey rods which are as light and well made. I doubt such light reels could balance those rods.

    Any thoughts are welcomed.
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    Looks seem to be important to you, for me handsome is as handsome does, personally I think the Danielsson control is one of if not the best reel out there

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    Loop classic for me out of those options. I really like the look of the new sage spey though.

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    I think reels are a very personal thing. I found a relatively heavy reel good for me on 14 and 15ft rods whereas friends of mine use relatively light reels.
    I like the new Cascapedia reels and the 10/11 is perfect to balance a 15ft rod and even a 14ft rod and is a fraction of the cost of other similar reels. Reels below 10.5 oz (without backing) donít give me the right balance on 14 and 15 ft rods although the amount of backing does effect the final weight as I believe 100yards of 30lb backing weighs about an oz so a reel that takes 200yds will be heavier than one taking 100 yards if their starting weight is the same.
    It also depends where on the cork you hold the rod as to what weight you need.
    I personally use a Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 (14oz) and a Hardy HBX 10/11 (12oz) on my 15ft rods. A Lamson ARX 4+ (11oz) Hardy HBX 10/11 or a Hardy perfect 4.25 (11 oz) on my 14ft rods and am happy with how they balance.
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    The new sage Spey reel is a very nice reel. I have one in the 7,8,9 size for my 13.6ft rods as itís just a little light for my taste on the 14ft rods although I would use it on them if needed

    Quote Originally Posted by cgaines10 View Post
    Loop classic for me out of those options. I really like the look of the new sage spey though.

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    Loop classic for me definitely. Its pricey but quality made and a fantastic piece of equipment. My favourite reel.

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    For the Loop do they really retrieve too slow? I think people might be bashing the smaller 46 or 58 models but for the 811 and 1013, 100mm and 105mm dia respectively, they retrieve as fast/slow as other 4in classic reels (Saracione, Cascapedia) ?

    And between the 811 and 1013 which would be the pick? Read from previous comments that "the 1013 is huge so if the 811 holds enough backing with the line then get the 811". Spec. wise the 1013 only larger for 5mm in dia. Is it much wider?


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    My Magnum 200Ds send their regards....😱

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    I've no experience of any of these reels but I would say that it's worth bearing in mind that the first three on the list at least do not have an option to buy spare spools so essentially you would need to buy multiples of them if you want them set up with different lines etc

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    If you really want something that is bulletproof and lasts to your grandchildren's grandchildren, get yourself a SpeyLab reel. You might have to wait a bit to get one, but people say the are worth it.

    As a budget model I would recommend Vosseler Passion. It is still quite light (10/12 aluminium weighs 290g), but it costs less than 500Ä.

    And if you got enough deep pockets, you can go to some Bogdan #0 or similar...

    I personally prefer modern reels, Danielsons, Loop Opti/Evotec etc. I have sage Evoke 10 waiting to my Gaelforce Destination 14'6" 9/10 and it is a really well constructed reel with a lot of idea. Sadly it wasn't sales success so Sage dropped it. Based on that brake that Evoke has, I think a new Sage Spey might be good as well. But, if old looks are into you, just go there. Fishing is should bring pleasure to your life, and the stuff might do the same

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