Believe me I am old enough to remember when it snowed several feet in Pennsylvania and it stayed on the ground until April. Back then it was indeed called winter and it was good times. We kids rode our sleds all winter and spent days breaking in new trails through the woods down the side of the mountain. The ice skating on the river was another attraction for us, good times.

Back then (late 50's through the 60's) there were no such things as 'Bomb Cyclones' - Polar Vortex's - and the like. No one freaked out, it was winter. My old home is now populated with pansies, Girlymen who drive Hummers and all sort of big 4X4 vehicles and think they need them because it might snow 6" and stay for more than a day before it melts. They flood the grocers buying supplies every time their Emergency App tells them there's another event on the horizon. Their kids wouldn't know a good sled from a hole in the ground and most don't own a pair of skates.

I moved here to escape them. Out at my cabin there's over 5 foot of snow piled around the place and it's difficult to get there even with my Long Track snowmachines and once you get there there's no running water and it takes 12 hours to warm the place up with a wood fire. It's tough but I picked it over the other way of life. Now even here the weather people who are all young enough to be grand children have started crowing when a storm is imminent..

The problem is that most everyone here has migrated from somewhere in the lower 48 as have I but the difference is I came here for the harshness of it not because I thought it might be cool like down south. One thing we don't worry over is flooding. The home sits at 215 feet above sea level and nowhere near a river. And at the cabin? The lake will have to rise 35 foot above normal levels to reach it. Turns out I got the foundation reinforced just in time, I did the work just 14 months before the big earthquake and it stood the shake.

All that aside, I do hope that none of you had too much trouble through the recent storm. I did see another predicted for this weekend. I'm headed to the cabin tomorrow with 3 drums of fuel. Almost out of gas out there so it must be done. Looks like I'll need to leave early so I have time to make a new trail across the big swamp again......

Took a few pictures and wrote a description of the ordeal from the last trip, if your up for a read this link goes to the story