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    In my local club under 16's fish for free with their parents as long as they register them - not many actually do but i take my kids spinning for trout - just short bursts in an evening - we always catch a few. They love it and always want to come, they are aged 8 & 11.

    I think its an issue of access - I grew up wandering all over with my mates fishing canals and ponds. We enjoyed the freedom, every weekend from age 11 onwards we went all over.

    I see the culture of fly fishing is changing - theres a nice mag called fly culture with a younger readership - they seem to be fly fishing bonkers for lots of species. Most will try salmon fishing at some point. They seem to be just as happy chasing grayling and browns on their local streams on ultra light tackle or trying to catch a pike on their local canal on the fly.

    This year I want my eleven year old son to get hold of a salmon on the bait rod - I see that as his best shot. Last year a salmon leapt out almost over our float - my lad looked at me and said "why didnt you catch that Dad".......
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    Not sure what happened but my name got on someone else's post ? My son is 38 Is fishing dying of old age?

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    I dont think so. Check out the fishing scene on youtube - hundreds of teens lure fishing, or LRF fishing on canals or the sea .

    Access is an issue - i grew up in Wraysbury, Middx with the thames and six gravel pits to fish, all owned by a gravel company and were free to fish, walk dogs or cycle round...

    Now all are surrounded by high fences and access for locals is zero unless you pay 190 a year to fish for monster carp.

    Id like to see the local councils dig new fishing lakes for kids and have more free stretches of river in the south eastern trout rivers - whose health has improved greatly, look at the Wandle.

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    My local association club has free fishing for under 18 year olds.
    Runs free casting clinics for beginners every Wednesday evening in June.
    Provides expert tuition from fully qualified tutors for improvers on the same evenings free.
    Provides all the equipment free of charge for these clinics.
    These clinics are well attended, weather permitting.
    Hold fly-tying classes with materials provided free.
    The Council who own the waters provide free days 3 or 4 days per month.
    Has an introductory reduced membership fee for the first year.
    Visitors to the club waters often comment on members being friendly and helpful.
    All this, and yet the number of kids, youths and adults with all this provided joining the association or even taking advantage of the "Free Days" is woeful.

    What more could be done I wonder?

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    Was salmon fishing ever a big thing for youngsters to do? Other types of angling, yes - but salmon, I'm not so sure about.

    The trouble with fly fishing is that, much as we love it, the moments of actual adrenaline pumping excitement are impossible to predict and, particularly if chasing salmon, very few and far between.

    All forms of sport have had to up their game to provide more guaranteed excitement. Look at cricket for that change. Do you think the 5 day test will survive much longer? All sports seem to have had to adapt to appeal to our, ever shorter, boredom thresholds.

    In mountain biking, many areas have dedicated downhill tracks with mechanical uplift back to the top to maximise the number of thrills to be had for the amount of effort required.
    Skateboarding went from kids rattling around the streets on a board to a huge business with purpose-built parks providing the perfect terrain for all the tricks they can think of.
    The commitment to team sports has proved unattractive to some so parallel "sports" like freestyle soccer & basketball's offspring Streetball are growing.

    All sports, hobbies, pastimes - whatever you want to call them have to compete with the games console where, with no planning or effort, you can be driving at Le Mans or fighting off the zombie apocalypse within minutes of getting home from school. You'll be warm, dry & your mum'll know where you are.

    I may love standing ******* deep in the Ness in April flicking a piece of fluff across the river in the hope that a salmon my be interested - if it's there - but I'd have a hard job explaining it to a normal urban teenager.

    We need to remember that we live in an increasingly urbanised country - one where many people will want their entertainment neatly packaged and presented to them. They'll want to know what they are going to get beforehand and there are millions to be made for those who can tap into and promote this.

    I feel that fieldsports in this country will continue to decline in popularity & variety and I'm very grateful that I can still participate & enjoy them. Am I sad for the future? No not really; if the horse doesn't want to drink you can't force it.

    I am, however, extremely glad that I'm not young today!

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    Certainly here in England, most gravitate to Salmon fishing through Coarse fishing.My local club had for years a thriving scene for youngsters and some excellent fisheries where the access was easy, the kids were safe and caught plenty of fish and there was supervision too.
    The local council and insurance companies have made the club fence in all their waters, you have to register to get a key for the car parks which is only available to those over 16.Unsupervised youngsters aren't allowed on the club waters any longer on their own.The cost of the fencing etc. has almost finished the club financially.The denying of access for kids has finished the junior section completely, slowly but surely Angling is being wound down.There were at times 5 Tackle shops here in Wakefield, the last of them- a large national on line mail order company closed down just before Xmas. Theres now no where to go for bait, tackle, advice or club tickets etc in what is a major city.
    Pretty good job done there on finishing the sport off eh!.
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    When I was young I can remember every kid having a fishing rod, you would see people fishing everywhere in Ireland , not always fly fly fishing but bait and spin fishing mainly, on every bridge over a salmon river in Ireland you would see the local experts with their Polaroids on waiting for the fish to arrive.

    Nowadays I hardly ever see young people fishing, there enthusiasm has been killed out of the sport because of lack of fish, often ridiculously restrictive prices for a day ticket, and moronic rules placed on anglers from the fishery board by people who dont have a clue about salmon fishing.

    Why would any young person want to take up the sport , when the day ticket price is often more then a new video game, and then the fishing on the whole is so bad, when I was a kid you could fish anywhere in Ireland and be left alone, last year I saw inland fisheries staff hassling a young trout angler , who was clearly bait fishing for trout asking for his salmon license they had him up against a wall red face threatening to take his tackle until I intervened.

    Theres virtually no incentive for the younger generations in UK/ Ireland to take up salmon fishing anymore imho.

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    In my youth all I ever had were 4 TV channels and a ZX spectrum! As you can image not exactly the home entertainment facilities we have today. If I wasn't out to all hours playing football or building dens I'd be down the river with my pals fishing. These memories are some of the fondest I have, but would I have these memories if I was growing up now?

    Would my time be spent on the internet, youtube, channel hopping through multiple tv channels or streaming media to any device anywhere, gaming online with my mates...probably yes, it would.

    Culture has also changed dramatically, kids are encouraged to try a wide range of pursuits at schools, my son laughed when I told him if I had sang/danced at school I'd have ended up in a bin by some tedious bully. (sad but true)

    On the Game fishing front, I know of very few clubs/waters that actively encourage kids to fish, as stated in previous replies the costs are absurd. We can now get some really good fishing gear very cheap, yet where are these future anglers going to go fish, when some waters charge more than the gear to fish per day?

    I can see future in the coarse/commercial side of things, clubs like PAAS do a hell of a lot of good work getting kids out and understanding all manner of fishing and importantly fish handling, and for me personally coming from a coarse fishing background this can lead onto the game fishing side of things.

    Bottom line is, fishing starts with US it's up to all of us to encourage not kick, to explain not yell when we see the younger generation on the fishing bank, they are after all the future.

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    Way back in the dark ages [19/60s and 70s] we used to run film shows in the winter [up to 400 folk turning up] and fly tying nights with casting/clay pigeon shooting/b-b-q and casting help in the summer. These were very popular and made a lot of money for the club as well as increasing the membership.
    We started this up a few years ago with flytying nights. Ended up after a couple of years just ourselfs being there.
    Feel that there is no interest in learning now. Just want to go and catch big rainbows. Very sad.

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    Ive often wondered why fishing clubs dont do more film nights - they are very popular in the States & Canada.

    I went to one in Boston, every month had 100+ anglers .

    There are hundreds of fly fishing films out there, its an easy way to raise funds and awareness of the sport.

    Just a thought.

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