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Thread: Aesthetics

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    Default Aesthetics

    Do you care about the colour of your rod? . I miss the old brownish carbon rods. Why are "most" modern rods boring carbon black? I don't mind the "greenish" ones but my favourites are the Sage and Oracle XT etc. "brownish" coloured ones. Do you have an opinion on this?

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    Many rods on today's market are often a dull mat black which I find helps cut down on glare from the rod on bright days,

    But what the rod does as a casting tool then while playing a fish are more important factors in choosing a rod, bling isn't the top of my priorities

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    Honestly I appreciate the new rods being basic black or close to it. Long ago (late 60's through 1970's) I had brown glass and yellow glass and in 79 I got a black graphite from Orvis. Still have and use that rod so I'm used to black. I tried one of those Sage VT-2 rods about ten years back, remember them, bright metallic blue ……. I couldn't get used to that.

    But hey, if you like colors that's cool with me

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    Yeah, I don’t want a turbo blue rod. dark green or black - just fine. When I saw the red sage rods….. not only were they priced out of my league, but I couldn’t get past the colour…

    In the 70's & 80's Bruce & Walker and Hardy must have bought a load of brown paint - they cornered the market in brown rods. You can see why newer rod makers felt the need to jazz it up a bit from care home brown to a more Miami vice image

    They also spiced up the image of the bloke on the end of the rod, out went elmer fud in his deer stalker and wax jacket and in came George Clinton in his funkadelic sequin thigh length boots, bare chest and outrageous glasses stalking up the water ways letting the fashion funk flow through the catalogues…………… no….. hang on that didn’t happen……..

    What happened was……. We all bought baseball caps, like the pro’s

    Great thread – aesthetics in angling is fascinating – for me the biggest change has come from photography, from the action shot to the trophy shot – it’s a whole new ball game. A photo was a rare thing and usually a spontaneous record of a prise catch. Now we contrive to make every moment seem special as we worry about how they will be perceived.

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    I’ve a marksman 2T in the traditional green, then the Jet has a modern silver blank, think both look good, but more importantly they cast well

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    I prefer the matt black rods to be honest as you can use black electrical tape and it dosent look out of place.
    Ive got a shakey agility in light blue and that looks ok but would prefer it black.
    Reels on the other hand.... the new coloured hardy cascapedias look really nice and wouldnt mind one of those if i had a rod they would suit.

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    Fish won't mind the colour will they. That's all that matters. Hope that's all you have to worry about for heavens sake,

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    I like a bit of brown. Diamura blanks are my favourite but also Sage Graphite 111e. Carbotec, enigma and sage SLT are all perfect fishing rods for me.

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    Black, brown, green and blue. Had them all. The one thing i will say though, all in muted hues.
    Wouldnt want anything bright.
    Charcoal gray would probably be my first choice, but I've had blue and green grays and various reddy brown rods (probably my second choice) including a 15ft enigma.
    I think I've got this work life balance thingy right.

    That is to say I spend more time in work thinking about fishing than I spend fishing and thinking about work!

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    I wouldn't buy a rod because it was a specific colour, however I would reject a rod if the colour were too garish.The Sage Methods and TCX would take some thinking about were I looking to purchase such a rod.The Loop/LTS Yellow-er N.F.C, right from the off thats an off-putting colour if ever there were one!,well alongside those Pink B+W rods!.
    However,I'd certainly think about some reels in the way they look as a part of a purchase.That Greys GTS reel-it's had a reet good smack off the ugly stick, so did the Airflo balance too.I've a Hardy MK.1 Swift which is in no way easy on the eye at all!.Then there's the current trend for very busily designed aesthetically complicated reels, mmmm design for the sake of it all?
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