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    Where the bright waters meet.


    May on Speyside. Is there a more glorious time to be alive!

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    I like early season with ice and snow about, not many fish about but for some reason i enjoy it, waiting for the sun to come up, big flask of coffee or soup, then waiting for the heaters to warm up in the car on the way home.

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    End of.
    So many options.
    Remember Thomas Muir of Huntershill

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    Anytime between March and October as already said. If I had to choose one time though it would be Mid October when I go to the highlands. The colours of the trees and bracken, no midges and the roar of the stag combined with good fishing. Nothing better for me
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    Late april and early may for me, not just for fishing, but for the countryside in general. Nice time to be in the garden / veggie plot as well.

    Spring is my favourite season followed by autumn.

    Saying that, the way the seasons are going, we only have springs and autumns, dont really get a summer these days and definitely no real winters.
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    I think I've got this work life balance thingy right.

    That is to say I spend more time in work thinking about fishing than I spend fishing and thinking about work!

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    Has to be May for me too.
    Bill Cook

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    Quote Originally Posted by budge View Post
    Anytime between March and October rest of it stinks Favourite time of year?

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    To be a bit more precise, early spring for me watching nature waking up. I'm definitely not a winter person, given the chance I could quite easily go somewhere warm or hibernate Favourite time of year?

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    Early November.
    Pretty much all the rivers are closed so you don't have to keep watching the weather forecasts praying for rain (or for it to stop raining) or a downstream wind or at least a bit of cloud. No need to worry that you might be missing a fish because you have to work when the river is right for once. A time to relax!


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    “Good fishing”....... do share ?

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    September and October for me for everything but fishing. April and May for that.

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