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    Default Irish Times article on Salmon farming

    I really think you need to read this article, printed on the 26 Dec. I will not spoil it for you, but if you get past the first two paragraphs with out spitting your dummy out, you did better than me. Clearly paid for by the salmon farming industry. It asks you for your comments. Please do not hold back. Truly breath taking and I thought it must be a joke at first, but no it is real! If enough complain they will need to print a more informed article. I hope. It actually signs the praises of the Scottish government.

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    I think you forgot to include a link. I don't see one anyway.

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    A google search got me there,what a load of tosh !
    Andy Wren (doctor to US friends)

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    Thanks I did not know how to post the link. It is scary how bad it is.

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    what an absolute load of codswallop , trouble is that some or most of the masses would actually believe that article , the only thing missing in it is peter pan and captain hook

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    Looks like a new PR campaign kicking off by the salmon farming industry. I needed a push to cancel my Irish Times subscription. No longer the paper of record.

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    An unbalanced piece of journalism, to put it politely, if that's what it claims to be.

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    I wonder how much of a bung he got for producing this piece of garbage.

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    I read it on the day and it is by a man who is a respected columnist and former political editor of the paper it is absolute **** but appears dangerously sensible to the uninformed reader.
    The section of the Irish Times it appears in is an analysis and comment section which publishes a wide range of views on all sorts of things and has the deserved reputation of allowing a very wide range of views form all political spectrum's and perspectives. It doesn't necessarily represent the papers editorial view.
    Typically the writer has an expertise in or experience of the area he is writing about. This one screams a plant from the industry or a connection in the department of agriculture. Hopefully SWIRL or the someone similar will have a reply in a few days.
    Dangerous stuff to stay out there refuted.

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