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    Default Robot fish could be Tays Saviour

    This article is in my local paper today ..... WTF? It must be drugs or alcohol induced ... society has lost the plot ?

    Sorry the article is on its side .


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    It's no April ???? Swallow Apartments ????

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    So why would that attract anglers to the Tay they could have the robotic fish in any river,then you go to your hotel for dinner only to have it served by a robotic waitress,of which there are already plenty.
    He did not put too much thought into it before putting pen to paper.

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    You could remove the chore of standing in cold wet weather by "stocking" them in the local swimming pool, and fishing for them there Robot fish could be Tays Saviour

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    This is "Dundee's" answer for "Salmon Conservation" , its the gaming capitol of the UK or Europe or THE WORLD !

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    One good thing is if the seals eat them it might send them a bit haywire.

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    Unbelievable on so many fronts!.Just go's to show what the Angling community in general is up against.
    There will be some one out there who believes this!, if not every word, then at least a part of it!.
    I don't get why any one would write that and more to the point, I certainly don't believe why a newspaper would publish it!.If it were in the Daily Sport, then fair enough(it was probably Elvis under a false name who penned it any way!).
    Trouble is, if it's on the telly, or in the paper, it must be true.Thats many folks thinking and if it's a subject the reader isn't overly familiar with, then so much more is it readily accepted!.
    Simple solution to it all, just put a 2 min advert telling the truth and current state of the Salmons plight on telly between Corrie, and celebrities in the jungle dancing on ice on a love island while singing a song and I tell you right now, it'll be believed as much as it gets dark of an evening and light again next morning!.In fact you could do what others do and lie your teeth out for your own reasons and it'd be readily accepted!.Simple's!.

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    Dundee must be doing a two for one on glue this week.....

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    I also saw this article this morning.
    The gentleman who wrote it has regular letters in the Dundee Courier although not normally as nonsensical as this.
    He appears to be a retired jute wallah who has spent almost all of his life in India and I get the impression that he is very elderly.
    Possibly a bit out of touch and also possibly a bit tongue in cheek.

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    Well I do hope the Courier prints my reply 😃.

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