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    Default Why Do You Fish?

    Suppose some one has to instigate this and as its more or less game over on the fishing front this year for most of us, there's enough time to think about it.It's an issue that has been skirted around in quite a few threads and various replies.
    It's not about any moral high ground, who's the better or perceives themselves to be the better person/angler, or even how your preferred method is fished.It's pure and simple why you fish(well lets just say for Salmon and/or Sea Trout in this instance).
    The reply can be a simple one liner, or as detailed as you wish, as we're all in it for our own reasons be as complicated and lengthy or simplified and short as you want.
    I'll leave some one else to start the ball rolling this time, my piece will be typed out along the way.
    It's all purely for interest and probably more so for every one to have their say and own take on things.
    Cheers me dears,Pedro.

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    It's my escape...frequently leave the phone in the car...use 2 ways in Norway to avoid the phone.

    Nothing shuts my mind off from all other issues like casting a fly and dreaming.

    On top of that, the places I've been and the friends I've made make me realise what a wonderful pastime it is, and it gets better every year.

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    My answers pretty simple. I fish because i enjoy it and the day it stops being fun is the day i will stop.
    Its not as much the catching with me but the whole experience, from buying and sorting gear before heading out, watching the sun come up on the way to the river, being out on the river and just enjoying the surroundings, the fishing itself wether it be with the fly rod or spinning, then being knackerd and sleeping like a baby after putting a days graft in on the river.
    I find my stress levels are way down while fishing and after fishing as its a good way to switch off from the working week.

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    It started when my dad took me fishing when small, in a local burn and we caught nothing.
    Went back next day and caught 10 small trout.
    That was me hooked.
    From then on I spent all my free time up glen esk fishing for trout in the burns and Loch Lee.
    Caught my first salmon at about 12 where the loch enters the river.
    I didn't know you could get fish that big!

    From about 14, I would sell all the trout I caught to the local pub and all the salmon to Joseph Johnsons.
    Not only did I love fishing, but it gave me more money than I got pocket money wise.

    Since a kid ive always went fishing with my best friend from school and still do.
    I always like going to fishing meets to meet new fishers and watch how they fish.
    But more than anything, ive always liked the escape of fishing on my own.
    To this day, fishing on my own is my time to reflect and be at one with the world.

    Much as I seem quite gregarious, Jockiescots earlier post on introverts rung true for me.

    Ive went from an out and out wormer, to spinner, and in the last couple of years, mediocre fly fisher.

    Havent wormed for a few years.
    Though every year promise I will next year.

    Once upon a time it was all about the fish.

    How much I could catch!

    How big they were!

    Much as I love fishing, somehow ive never enjoyed stockie rainbow fishing.
    Ive had a day on Menteith with a few blues about 4ld that really fought, but not enough to convince me to return.

    Wild fishing is what I like most.

    Nowadays, the fish is a bonus during my time on the river.

    I get as much if not more pleasure helping someone else catch a fish.

    I still keep the odd fish to eat. Treating them purely as a plaything still feels disrespectful to me.
    However I let most go nowadays.
    I think the tug is far more the drug now, as I don't mind if I loose one just before it come to the bank.



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    Putting a fly across fishy looking water in nice surroundings is enough for me these days. Catching anything is a pleasant surprise

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    I've got a terrible golf swing
    It's all very well using WW2 analogies when referring to Brexit - 'spirit of the blitz' and all that. Imagine the curious atmosphere though if you were sitting in your air raid shelter looking around and realising that half of the people around you had voted to get bombed

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    As a little boy I was hooked by the thrill of the take, the excitement of the fight and the sense of achievement of landing the fish (and no doubt also the warm glow of my father's esteem). Those stimuli are still there, but as the years have passed, so the value I place on the company of my family and good friends; the beauty of the surroundings; the mental peace from the clamours of the everyday; and the reverie of the rhythm of fishing have all grown apace. Time has given me a greater capacity for reflection and contemplation, but I hope that I never lose the excitement and the enthusiasm that have given me so much joy over the past 65 years.

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    Can't say I've ever worked out the reasons why I go ? I've been at it for as long as I can remember, 50 +years. There are lots of things i can still vividly remember from when i was 5 or 6 years old. Standing in my wellies in the Hodder watching my dad fly fishing. Trips to the lake district with my uncle coarse fishing or catching flatties at Arnside. Fishing for stunted crucians in the local ponds. Every bit of my spending money and every birthday present went on fishing gear. Summer holidays always involved some form of fishing with my dad, rock fishing in Cornwall, coarse fishing in Ireland, fly fishing up Scotland or Wales. I've had the odd break, when I discovered beer and girls, and when the kids were young, but I've always returned. Ive been lucky to have a very understandig wife who has encouraged me in all my hobbies.I spent 30 fairly successful years involved in team match fishing, travelling all over the country fishing Festivals and Nationals, but still did some game fishing when I could.
    I had a bit of a eureka moment a couple of years ago when i realised how much i missed being out on the river fly fishing. I decided then i was going to give it a whirl for a year to see if it still floated my boat.
    So here I am now ! Virtually given up match fishing and totally obsessed with salmon. I still don't know why Why Do You Fish?

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    Originally it was the strong hunter gatherer instinct, Bringing home trout/sea trout/salmon/rabbit/pheasant etc. for the family and friends. That instinct has waned and I rarely shoot these days but still enjoy my salmon fishing. Now it is more about the quality of my companions/surroundings/whisky/food/accommodation. I still get the same thrill when I hook a salmon however even though I know it will be going back.

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    Good question!

    I think like metal detecting (not something I do, but something I think would be similar to fishing in may ways, and something I'd love to do) it is the thrill of the not knowing and the expectation. Added to which, the real possibility that something incredible could genuinely be just a moment away.

    The scenery and the craic of a Scottish fishing holiday I think is also a huge part of it now - as is the sharing of moments and evenings with truly good friends. Landing a fish is great, but having a friend there to land the fish with you, and share that moment, is unbeatable.


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