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    Default What've You Learned This Year?

    Well, pretty well most of us are done for the year now with the pursuit of Salar. Gears packed away(er, well, maybe, sort of,lol), boredom and that stir crazy feeling are quite a ways off yet and we've probably got a warm rosy retrospective glow of success to look back fondly over(all right, some lucky sod's out there have!).
    So, what did we learn this past season ?, not necessarily any thing new or mind blowing, but maybe it's a question of arriving to terms with something thats making a difference, something thats needed a bit of settling into and a little understanding for it to make sense.
    I've spent more time at the vice this year(no, not that type, wife says I'm too old now!), I've always been a Tube guy with a more practical sense rather than creative or indeed artistic leaning.
    Over the past couple of seasons with there certainly being a lack of fish to angle for I've been focussing on the flee's them selves rather than how I fish them(to a degree any way).I'm finding with less fish about there isn't the competition or raising of aggression between fish that at times makes them grab anything(well some take my shoddy tyings!).
    I've been spending quite a bit of spare time watching flee tying videos etc. the likes of that Mc.Phail bloke who seems a bit handy(lol), not for specific patterns, but more for technique-which so far I've been very much lacking! and construction techniques.
    I seem at the moment to be taking a leaning towards what many may well call a Scandi influence to my tyings, trying to look at shape and movement.
    I'll say it from the off I'm heavily influenced by some of you guys on here,Jockiescott, Rotoenone, to name but two, and EVERY ONE else who tyes well n good and has the danglies to post on here.I'm gleaning as much in terms of shape and construction from all of you!, from your posted examples as I do in experimentation at the vice.
    However I'm finding certainly in my fishing that smaller is better(well always known and accepted that) and at the moment am trying to get a grip of smaller patterns that are tyeable which will still produce the goods.Shall we say its an on going thing!.
    After Jockiescotts blog about tails such as his long tailed Willie G., I realised I'd been thinking along those lines myself for quite a while, sparse n spindly over paint brush tails every time! and proportion certainly is king!
    I suppose I'm trying to say I'm pretty comfy with getting it all out there into the water in a reet and proper fashion, what I'm now starting to think much more about now is exactly what I'm chucking out there for Salar's approval.
    Any way, once I'm confident I'm making a good job and that what I come up with actually works, I do intend posting for critique some of my efforts!.Just don't expect miracles just yet.
    Yours off back to the vice, Pedro.

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    I learned that salmon fishing forum members are more interested in Brexit than salmon fishing.

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    Good post Pedro.
    I've learned to listen to advice but not be scared of trying something a bit different. The general consensus on the Ribble is to fish small flies. I've only had two fish this year, but both caught on a monstrosity of my own tying. The original was created just messing about at the vice with a few materials. After looking online I realised there were similar flies out there, so I had a look at those and tweaked mine slightly. These are the MK4 versions lol, a bit rough and ready but they worked for me.

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    Quite a lot as itís been a lot of years up until this season past that salmon havenít even featured in my thinking let alone fishing and so things have changed a lot.

    Rods, they all seem to be much faster now and so those lovely big loops that used to be needed are now not only unnecessary, but will kill a single spey particularly. Instead, it feels more like flicking the tip as soon as the fly touches down. Thankfully, I quickly adjusted although still had plenty of dodgy casts too as I reverted to old habits!

    As with trout fishing, modern materials and hook size means flies have changed dramatically especially as mine used to be shop bought. Having thought Iíd be playing with mostly #6 and up, itís been surprising to be using #8ís and down. Itís been a steep learning curve adapting my trout tying to salmon flies but the monthly competition and examples on here have really helped a lot. Iíve still lots to fine tune and learn which feels hard at times when so few fish means thereís little opportunity to try different flies and see how fish react to adjustments. In fact not hard but near impossible when Iím aiming for a single fish over a number of days fishing.

    On that, is the fishing really that much worse over recent years? In some ways it doesnít feel like it when 30 years ago I can remember a whole weeks fishing for just two fish between my uncle and I, and my uncle giving up his syndicate place on the Tay 20 years ago due to the number of blanks. It feels like rather than the rapid significant drop that seems to be talked about, that in fact the steep drop happened decades ago and then just carried on slowly deteriorating. I also rediscovered that I definitely prefer not catching when actively fishing with lure or fly than compared to sitting behind a baited rod twiddling my thumbs for hours on end.

    As in all walks of fishing itís easy to have way more gear than needed but very hard to reach a point where you think you have to much!
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    An old lesson re-learnt. Persevere. I was about to give up and go home just before I finally caught my first Ribble fish in October after yet another morning seeing nothing and touching nothing. One last run down the pool and fish on from a lie where I lost a fish a couple of years ago. So there's another lesson, make a note of where you hook or see fish and the height and fish the area carefully.
    With all due respect to Rennie I'm still not convinced fly pattern makes a huge difference. We all have our favourites so carry them in various sizes and think about the depth you want to fish them. Of course like most people I don't take my own advice and have boxes and boxes of flies and can never find one which is just right for the moment. Trouble is I like tying them.


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    Working the fly more in low water conditions to give it a bit of life, it was successful for me this year.

    Regards, Tyke.

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    A good post Rennie and glad you found my blog post useful.

    If there's ever anything you are having difficulty with in your tying, and you think I might be able to help, don't be afraid to send me a PM. I'll do my best to give some guidance if I can.

    Have I learned anything this past season? Probably just how much I enjoy being at the river and actually fishing. Also, how much in summer a floating line is really all I need. I used my intermediate line much less this year and came into contact with more fish. Coming into contact with more fish does not necessarily mean more hooked or landed which is extremely frustrating!
    One of the best skills that an angler can ever develop is knowing the difference between passing the time and wasting it!

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    The thing I learned is to be versatile in your fishing. Through choice I only fish the fly no matter the conditions. Two of my friends fish to the conditions and spin and worm if required and allowed, in the years that I have known them they are consistently two of the most successful salmon fishers on the local river
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    Iíve learned that I need a lottery win to pursue my obsession of chasing Salar.. What've You Learned This Year?What've You Learned This Year?

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    Too much to list really, constantly learning new things and improving other things. A few early finishes at work and fishing with the pensioner club through the week in summer has taught me loads as they know every rock and stone in the river.

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