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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruino View Post
    The thing I learned is to be versatile in your fishing. Through choice I only fish the fly no matter the conditions. Two of my friends fish to the conditions and spin and worm if required and allowed, in the years that I have known them they are consistently two of the most successful salmon fishers on the local river
    Since I learned to fish a fly that I feel the fish will see, it is amazing how many salmon you can hook in conditions that are "not suitable for fly".
    One of the best skills that an angler can ever develop is knowing the difference between passing the time and wasting it!

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    I've learnt that working away from home most of the year and salmon fishing don't mix so I've had a career change which allows me more freedom and more fishing time,
    so I'm I'm raring to go next season bring it on 🎣🎣🎣
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    Following on from a few experiments from 2 seasons back, I have learned that salmon really like a vivid fluorescent pink tail on a fly, with very few fish in either river I fish, I hooked a fish in each river within 24 hours, nothing had been caught for 2weeks on one river, and nothing at all from the other. That is a real confidence boast, and I will probably just use that type of fly from now on, why not , it works (and not just on these occasions!!!) It has caught me a good few fish now, and considering the relative scarcity of chalkstream salmon, a winning formula is hard to ignore!

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    Try to erase from your mind that the Autumn is the peak salmon season - like it used to be on most rivers I fish. Something has changed.

    I have spent the past 4 or 5 seasons keeping my powder (fishing budget) largely dry for the Autumn and then finding the reported conditions don't merit the drive up.

    The long summer evenings of June and July are a precious commodity, and great to be out and about in - as 30 hours of continuous rain and dark, miserable sky reminded me this week!

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    Ensure I’ve all my pockets zipped up properly as things tend to disappear if you don’t 👎

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    It just come to my attention this year how much the song birds have disappeared . It is bad enough the Autumn Salmon have disappeared and the fly life but now I cant even see or hear a song bird.

    What have we done

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    Salmon fishing is always a learning curve no matter how many decades you've been doing it. The major learning curve for me this year was patience in fishing a river that oftentimes appeared lifeless yet had fish there. Once I got my head past that, then it was game on. Not so many landed but more hook ups and the 'tug drug' well and truly fed, lol. (River Don in case your asking!)

    The rather sad thing I learned this year was the identity of the individual who has been spreading rumour, conjecture and lies about me across many a river....well actually the really sad bit has been the acquaintances who have been sucked in by the lies.

    The 2020 season isn't that far away and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in already. It will be a different one for me....but at least I know I can trust the friends who I'll be fishing with /spend time on river blethering with.

    It will be a smaller circle but better for it! many flies, so little time!

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    Fishing the fly in all conditions, even in really high water that I would only fish the spinner in previous seasons.
    It's all about using your imagination on where low water & high water fishing is best tagarting on the river. The amount of time I've heard I haven't seen a fin at all day is becoming common these days. All the fish that I've have manage to hook this season, I haven't seen a single fish in all the time I've fished, resulting hooking 4 fish in 2 hour one evening. I don't let seeing fish bother me anymore. I do better fishing in low water than when the river is running high TBH

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    Well, after 64 years of fishing and 61 years since my first salmon, one could think that there is not much more one can learn, but there is! First there is one important factor that one tends to forget: age and its effect on health! I had to cancel my Spring trip to the Spey, due to heart problems and a trip to the gorgeous Rauma river in Norway for the same reasons! Very frustrating indeed! But living on the banks of another great Norwegian river, the Gaula, I could still look forward to some great fly fishing! What I had not factored in were the weather conditions, which led to the fishing being cancelled for three weeks in the best period, due to lack of water and high water temperatures! Earlier in my «salmon fisherman’s life», these unconvenient events would have made me mad! But this time, they did not!! For the first time, I could actually take the time to reflect on the situation and I did come to a great conclusion, which is « it’s not the hours you put in fishing that give you the greatest satisfaction, but what you put in these hours!!». Fishing with a good friend, meeting with very interesting people and some not interesting at all, travelling to places you would never had been to, were it not for fishing, for me the Pechora in Central Russia to the Karluk in Alaska, the Rio Gallegos, the Rio Grande and Irigoyen in South America, many great places in Scotland and Ireland, so many places which gave me a solid number of catches and memories! So that’s what I learned, or more precisely took the time to reflect upon this year! As to my catches for 2019, a very modest figure of five fish, with a best of about 13 Ibs, but that’s not the important thing! For the first time, while fishing, no stress, no mobile phone, just nature and me! That what fishing should be about! It took me a very long time to understand it!
    Sorry for those of you who disagree and still just see fishing success as the number of catches! I am just an old f..t who remembers what his tutors tried to teach him: «just enjoy yourself»!
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    Never loose faith.

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