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Thread: End of an Era.

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    I know precisely what you are feeling Pete, I feel just the same - it's a hollow feeling like something significant is missing & there doesn't seem to be anything to fill the hole created by missing our week. As you so rightly say it isn't just the fishing, it's the anticipation & planning, the journey up to the borders made with the speed & enthusiasm of a 7 year old boy leaving school at the 4 o clock bell, then the reunion of friends who have assembled from England, Wales & the People's Republic of Yorkshire.

    Some great nights in Burt's (although to be fair due to our advancing years I don't think any 2 of us together make it into double figures of pints in an evening anymore, let alone on our own like we occasionally, OK not all that rarely, did back then) & we still made it for a full Scottish breakfast the next morning. Going back even further, it was the Traquaire before we moved a bit further down river - remember that ferocious night with the mad Irishman & the potcheen, how we chocked down a full breakfast the next morning I'll never understand.

    By the way I just checked my diary & I believe it was 22 years ago that you joined me for 3 days on Sunderland Hall before finishing the week off on Traquaire; so you're correct, it is more than 20 years of trips & memories as a group together.

    Still, on the bright side, I don't have to put up with Neil's snoring in the B & B. Good job I don't snore myself.................

    As Nigel said, we need to sort out a spring trip - make sure the thermals still fit mate.

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    Like you I constantly review how the pennies are spent.

    I'm seriously considering dumping my Feb fishing on the Dee. It's nice to be out then but it's been fishless. That said, come the time though, will I end up kicking myself?

    That said, myself and few other SFF pals have actually increased our April let on Tulchan for next year. So it's not all doom and gloom. many flies, so little time!

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    Pete I share your sadness after seeing the Nith and Lochy fall of a cliff in recent years. Two rivers I loved fishing and sad to say won’t spend too much on Fishing again.
    Others may Add the Tweed, Annan and Earn etc to their lists too.

    In fact could we all just basically add all the rivers to our “used to love” listings.

    whilst there is not doubt rivers are struggling, I have been discussing this topic with others in charge or in the know of rivers over recent weeks and they all say the rivers are hardly fished like they used to be. Of course that doesn’t help.
    We fished a West Coast spate river last week for two days and in low conditions had a couple for our two days.
    a friend took another friend of his to the Southie and had 7 between them for their day.
    Nothing to write home about in years gone by but they can be caught if your flies are in front of what fish are there.
    Were on the Tweed this weekend and it will be good to catch one or two to with the efforts put in.

    yes it’s dire but if more fished then perhaps, just perhaps a more reasonable catch reports would look a bit better.

    Pete I hope you get back to Tweed and catch a few that you’ve done in the past.

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