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    I have just returned from a lovely and successful couple of days salmon fishing in the South West of England on the rivers Camel and Fowey. I have been fishing the Camel now for over 30 years and it is only in recent years that i have started to experiment with its near neighbour the Fowey. What really stood out for me on this last visit was the contrast in my perception of the health of the two rivers through a combination of observing the wildlife around and in the water and the clarity and smell of the river before and after rain.

    The camel really didn't look or smell to be in good health. There was a very obvious, what can only be described as foul smell to the river which i have never noticed before, greater weed growth and more silt. The Fowey by contrast was looking in fine shape, running clean, no foul smell and a good head of small fish.

    I know there is much concern about the camel stocks at present and I would be interested to know what in river monitoring is being undertaken? Would anyone have any insights or be able to put my mind at rest on the condition of this wonderful river.

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    My moneys on its toe...


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