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    Default branded wading jacket or quality non wading jacket ?

    just wondering who has given up buying branded wading jackets and instead use,normal waterproof jackets
    stick a branded fishing name on a jacket and you can rip fisherman off,

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    Done both..Back to a Simms..Unbeatable in my opinion in Jackets. Now waders are a different story ..

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    I haven't had many "branded" wading jackets ... done with Loop though.
    I have switched over to Vision and I'm very happy so far.

    Have you swung a spey fly today ??

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    I rekon it depends how you fish, if you take a bag with you or fish day beats then a good goretex outdoor jacket is perfect, wheras if you fill your pockets with fishing gear for the day and need to carry a few bits and some food then a wading jacket may be the way to go as there is more storage and a back pocket to stick lunch and a drink in.
    Ive just recently bought a taimen wading jacket as a spare as it was going cheap on ebay and near enough new and i must say so far its better than my greys jacket id been wearing. Not tested it in a propper downpour yet but so far im impressed, good cut and really lightweight.
    Through the summer i had been fishing with a sling pack and they greys jacket didnt fit inside so i had been using a berghaus packlite goretex jacket which was perfect for the job but also bright red and could have made me visable to the fish (no idea if the fish would spot me but the red was spoiling my confidence which im sure does affect your fishing)

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    The best jacket imho is one made for hunting by sitka gear , fully waterproof cuffs , zips and tough goretex material beats simms hands down on quality.

    The only downside is the price over 500 plus shipping and it only comes in camouflage which I like as I use it for other fieldsports

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    I've read on here many times people opting for other sports gortex jackets mainly hillwalking. Problem is they are a different cut to that required for wading, generally longer at the back to allow coverage of the lower back with a rucksack on, also quite a loose fit for multiple warm layers underneath and generally to long for wading imo. And if your looking at a top walking jacket as compared to wading they are pretty comparable in cost.

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    Spent about 50 on a waterproof long jacket for the thigh boots. Better than the branded ones from the past.
    Given a Barbour jacket costing over 350 from a friend the rain pours through and it gets very heavy.

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