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    Having spent 35 years in the Army often working and/or living overseas I was at times unable to follow my passion for salmon and sea trout fishing but now I treasure every moment I get on my small Devonshire river. I suppose I would be a Cat 3.
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    I'm a cat 3-4 but I don't spend anywhere near enough time or money as I'd like to!

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    I'm an armchair 4 but a practical 1.

    I dream fly fishing, I read about fly fishing, I watch fly fishing, I have a huge amount of kit (though a lot less than I used to have) and I have a reasonable level of skill.................................but due to wife, child, job (or lack of one at the moment) and life in general, I am in reality a rare sight on the river these days.

    Having said that I am off to Dalmarnock next month, but that will be a one-off sorte into "4" territory.

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    A cat 2 but when time and funds allow a cat 3,4 I fish all the hours I can given the opportunity but 80% of my salmon fishing is on my local river when conditions are suitable i,m on it most days.
    Over the last 2 weeks I've fished it 4/5 hours a day, one day I started at 5.30am left the river at 12.30pm for a quick bite then back for 1.30 to 9.30pm conditions were perfect, I thought it was a case of persevering and I'd eventually hook one but nope I've persevered for days since and still caught nothing, they're simply not there for the 2nd year, i feel like a bairn waiting for Christmas that isn't arriving.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SOS View Post
    The fact that we are members of a Salmon fishing forum says that at the very least we are all interested in fishing, but how much does fishing mean to you.
    (1) Is it just a past time, something to do when you are at a loose end.
    (2) Is it a hobby where you will spend a fair amount of time and money in pursuit of catching fish.
    (3) Is it a bit more than a hobby where you spend more time and money than you should.
    (4) Or is it an obsession where you spend far more time and money in the pursuit of catching more or that elusive big fish that you feel can be bettered each time you go fishing.

    I would put myself in cat 1 now but when i was a bit younger it would have been somewhere between cat 3 and 4 not money wise but time wise, spend all day fishing for nowt and on the way home planning my next visit to the river.
    I've been everything even hiring out my boat and knowledge for money which I then spent on rods reels and boat upgrades.

    Now I am in a category not listed, I don't care if I catch fish or not but go often. I hunt fossils look at flowers and birds, I already know what it's like to catch fish so I just take in the area.

    I stuck a thread in Gillies Tales about Grayling fishing this week but what I found was that after 30 years of catching salmon and steelhead it's hard to get worked up over an 11 inch Grayling. Granted that if I might catch one 20 inch and 3 pound I'd get a bang outta that

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    3/4 definitely a 4 if it wasn't for the Mrs haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgaines10 View Post
    3/4 definitely a 4 if it wasn't for the Mrs haha Which category are you
    I totaly get that one, i had to build a 10ft trampoline for the kids to get a pass for fishing tuesday night Which category are youWhich category are you

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    My missus pulled a fast one in spring. Let's extend the kitchen and get a new kitchen! If I'd known what was coming I'd have left the country for good. As a result I've been kitchen shopping (that nearly finished me), floor shopping, paint shopping, DIYing, decorating, removing kitchens, fitting floors, fitting radiators (that cost me a night fishing trip when I drilled right through a water pipe which was extra special fun when my son came wandering downstairs as I was hammering away at the wall, water flowing everywhere, to get the pipe out and cap it off -"why did you drill through the water pipe, dad?"), filling big holes in walls, managing builders who mark water pipes in the wrong places, kitchen fitters, Sparky's, plumbers, window fitters, heating engineers etc etc...I've just got the skirting to fit (I'll enjoy that as I've bought a new tool to do the job), last visit by the kitchen fitter on Monday and hopefully all done. The bit that gets me is where to stop the painting - it starts in the kitchen but spreads inexorably. I've had to do every inch of gloss work in the house and four rooms in total. Right now I am contemplating how to get the new enormous fridge back into place over the newly fitted floor without damaging the floor. I'll pluck up the courage in an hour or so after a glass of fizzy. Then the shower failed last week so I've got that to replace. Using the same bathroom as my missus and daughter is totally emasculating, scrambling through hundreds of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, false eyelashes which with my eyesight look like huge spiders, 15 different types of beautifully scented shower gels, bath salts, oh god the bath salts, why do girls give their friends bath salts for birthday presents - is it because they all think their friends smell bad? If I'm lucky I locate my 2 year old bar (actually it's a thin almost transparent sliver) of soap before I get the hurry up from one or t'other.

    Never mind, it will all be sorted for her 50th party which is all that matters.

    Oh, and today my little girl smashed her GCSEs so the corks will be popping later.

    Sorry about the ramble. I just couldn't stop:-) life is good, but I always feel it would be better if I could fish more:-)

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    A four (4) for four decades, still a 4, always a 4....

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    Default <fossils>

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    [...] I hunt fossils [...]
    Good on you, hr! We're kinda fortunate here in Scotland to have access to about 3 billion years of recent rock and later sediment record, evolution of fishes, amphibs etc.

    How's your (Oregon?)- type geology?
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