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    Default flys for the tyne

    Hi guys looking for a few suggestions as I've been asked to do salmon and sea trout flys for the Tyne
    I've no idea what the river is like
    any help would be great

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    Red does well - Red Devilís, allyís shrimp in deep orange/red, Tyne toucan. Plus the usual suspects

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    The Simply Red is a Tyne original pattern, and would be a good starting point - see Simply red

    On the occasions I've fished the North Tyne I've had fish (both salmon and sea trout) on Dinnet Shrimps, Glenfarclases and Red & Copper Allys in sizes 8-12. It's a peaty river and quite bright flies, especially those with red in the dressing, seem to be popular, though I was told that the good old Stoat's Tail still catches its share.

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