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    I think im going to give mile barrio a shout about reccomendations for my rod as for the money his lines are hard to beat. I use the iss on my lpxe and it goes like a rocket with little to no effort.

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    Thanks for your concern RE: Rio SSVT line. I had one anyway for another rod (but the shop wouldn’t have known that at the time). I agree -it seems it can be confusing with no uniform line weight system for switch rods with some being rated for salmon lines and others being rated for trout lines. It’s a good job there is a recommended range of grams/grains making it easier to interpret.
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    If your Switch rod is rated for salmon (most are), then use the same numbered SSVT. If it is rated for trout then go down 3 numbers on the SSVT, i.e if the trout rod is rated 7/8 use a #5 SSVT

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    Helpful advice -thanks.

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