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    Quote Originally Posted by Mepps4me View Post
    Having spent a fortnight touring Scotland recently and missus booking us in at the Ulbster Arms, Halkirk by chance, my ambition now is to return there on a proper fishing holiday. The hotel and scenery was outstanding and the river Thurso absolutely delightful, just the size and kind of river that I like to fish. Highly recommended.
    I had my first week last September, and managed 6 for 6 days' fishing. Lost a few too.

    Back up in the last week of September, so fingers crossed!


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    Quote Originally Posted by carma2 View Post
    Grantown on Spey , good value water , fly spin worm and can take a fish .
    pubs are good too
    Good point, and thinking about it more the Forres Association water on the Findhorn is also a nice place to be and some of the best value fishing I've enjoyed...
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    The river mourne in ireland is fishing very well lately

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    It could only be the Thurso.

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